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    I Finally updated.

    Once we unzip the files and copy to the USB Pen drive, then there will be a main folder named GrandMA3 Stick..

    We have to cut the " EFI & ma " folders from the main Folder ( Grand MA3 Stick ) and paste the folders directly to the pen drive without any folder or sub folder and delete the Main folder named GrandMA3 Stick.

    Hi Luke,

    It shows that booting file is missing.

    I tried downloaded with different USB Pen drives with different Laptops.

    There are zip files which i had downloaded.

    what are the zip files have to do the unzip or do you want me to unzip all the files.

    Can you send me some image of the file.

    If possible can you please send me the exact files with all the extract has done and mail it me.

    My mail ID -

    Thank You.

    Any one can send exact file for MA3 Software latest updated version-

    I downloaded Latest version from the MA website and try to install as per the instruction given, but not able to update.

    Earlier i updated 1.0 Version, but latest version not able to done.