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    OK I found my mistake.

    I wanted to change a messagebox to this dialbox.

    I have my dialbox in Main

    and called my various functions from this one

    doesn't matter if you already use select(3,...) you can use select multiple times, or rename my code to your varname for select3

    the first argument to the select function defines the starting position for the arguments that follows

    local forename, surname = select(2, 'Mr.', 'John', 'Doe', 'London', 'UK' )

    local city = select(4, 'Mr.', 'John', 'Doe', 'London', 'UK' )

    local name1, name2, town = select(2, 'Mr.', 'John', 'Doe', 'London', 'UK' )

    thank you Andreas for these explanations.

    I made a very nice dialogue box :)

    but now when I call it in a function, my code continues and doesn't wait for the dialogue box to finish. :(

    Also impossible to make a return with this function??????;(:?:

    local return_Dialog = CreateInputDialog(display_Handle)
        if return_Dialog[1] then

    of course in function CreateInputDialog(display_Handle) i make

    the concept of the special buttontypes like swipebutton, propertycontrol etc is that these are automatically populated by the property-values of the assigned object/property, so that the UI doesn't have to be reprogrammed if the property-values change or are expanded.

    if you want a non-object/property related button that opens a custom popup-list, you should make just that:

    here is one way to do it:

    Ok good,

    but it is better not to differentiate the buttons like this

    I would like to integrate it into my code but I already use select(3, ...)

    what are selects for?

    how many can we define?

    are they pointers?

    to get the expected behavior, you need to include your Red preset as "Values" in the recipe, and remove it from the regularly stored cuedata

    a recipe will automatically remove cooked data and merge the new result only if the recipe owns the attribute.
    in your scenario, the cue and not the recipe owns the attribute and recipe will only merge, not remove anything..

    Ok thanks <3

    It's ok, I found my mistake.

    in fact I developed a multitude of functions: fade, delay_from, delay_to,...etc

    and only declared

    local root = Root();
    local MATricks = root.ShowData.DataPools.Default.MAtricks:Children()

    at the beginning of the code

    then who must declare it in each function.

    this seems like a bug

    try this workaround:

    local x = tonumber(MATricks:Get('FadeFromX', Enums.Roles.Display)) or 'None'

    local root = Root();
    local MATricks = root.ShowData.DataPools.Default.MAtricks:Children()
    local fx
    fx = tonumber(MATricks[1]:Get('FadeFromX', Enums.Roles.Display)) or 'None'

    I get an error : LUA Runtime Error[string "LC_View@"]:15: attempt to call a nil value (method 'Get')

    What am I not doing well?

    first of all you need to create the variable:
    SetUserVariable "DelayX" ('Variable') ==> don't use as Variablename the Propertyvalue!!!!

    as next step you can insert the Variable into the MATricks....and here you want to set something, so don't use edit, use set
    Set MATricks 1 "DelayFromX" "DelayX"

    *hope I typed all syntax now correct...didn't check if the names of the properties are corrcet ;) *

    This is not what I want to do.

    what I want is when I edit Edit MAtricks 1 Property "DelayFromx"

    I store the value in the variable

    Thanks for the bug report. The bug has been forwarded to the development department.



    When you reset a Matricks in the command line or in Matricks editor window, the Matricks is really reset but in the editor the Matricks is not.



    could you not open the time dialog directly by editing the relevant object(s) and time-properties...


    return function()
      Echo('do some stuff')
      CmdIndirectWait('Edit MAtricks 1 Thru 3 Property "DelayToX" ')
      Echo('do some more stuff')

    yes thank you very much . :love:

    what kind of time do you intend to enter?

    Various time, fade, delay from to etc ... it is for a plugin. it is not a problem to go through a messagebox. I would like that when i call the messagebox i arrive directly on the edit time window and not on the time windows and that when i validate on edit time i do not fall on the time window.

    Yes it is on with the MessageBox. But i can't skip this step.
    Because you have to click on the icon keyboard to get the second image.

    I would like to come directly to this here.Without the yellow windox.

    Enter a value then the Please key.

    And again Please for valid.