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    Yes it is on with the MessageBox. But i can't skip this step.
    Because you have to click on the icon keyboard to get the second image.

    I would like to come directly to this here.Without the yellow windox.

    Enter a value then the Please key.

    And again Please for valid.

    Hello i created a phaser with 4 color preset:

    I select my fixture group MA key integrate the first color preset then 2/1 MA key integrate the second etc ...

    then store in 21.x.

    Until the no problem, it works.

    I store it in an exec luis affect a speed, ... etc no problem.

    but when I want to change a color preset live the color preset goes to multi while I store it in overwrite.

    the phaser does not update except for the 1/4?

    I have to stop the phaser store my color change and the phaser starts again takes the changes

    very annoy for a live config.


    For that you would have to change the phaser 21.x preset ?

    :thumbdown:for a live config.

    is there another way to do it? :rolleyes:

    And do Drive 2; Import Texture "Hoss" I get back errors for all of the internal textures not being found on my stick.

    Not sure it works?

    it doesn't work but we have:

    Could not open file G: \ grandMA3 / riri_t.xml for reading

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <GMA3 DataVersion="">
        <Textures Name="Textures">
            <Texture Name="riri_t" Filename="riri_t.tga" />

    Now I save the xml file:

    G: \ grandMA3 / riri_t.xml

    but we still don't have the tga file in the textures


    do you know the import function?

    because I do not arrive since the console imported a texture.

    with windows by copying my file in the directory and modifying the xml then a reboot of the app it works but I tell myself that on the console it will not work.

    so I'm looking to do it from the command line.

    Adim@GraphicsRoot/TextureCollect/Textures>import riri

    Result: an error message : Could not open file C:\ProgramData\MAlightingTechnology\gma3_1.1.3\onpc/riri.xml

    Failed:Import "riri"


    a texture



    i tried all a bunch of line with the various filename / \ etc ... but none of good

    I have a problem with the layout

    on DimensionX 0 DimensionY 0 DimensionW 1920 DimensionH 1080

    when I put an element in 0 0 of 100 100 it is found in the center and not in the top right of the image

    on image 3 and 4 we can see the offset -950 X and 450 Y?