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    Hi Luke,

    Have added a couple pictures to help clarify,

    The First picture is when the grand master is enabled and fixtures will not output at all. Second picture is when the grand master is disabled and output of fixtures is not affected. In both states moving the grand master (black out fader) has no affect on output of fixtures.

    I have also noticed the "Master React" column in the patch window will always default back to "Grand" even if I set it to none or group. Maybe this is a bug?



    I'm having some issues with my grand master and was wondering if anyone has had the same issue.

    Enabling the grand master essentially sets it at 0% - no output, when disabled output is not affected. In both states the grand master fader has no effect on the output of values.

    Does anyone know a fix for this?

    Using OnPC


    Thank you both for your help, /nc or /m dosent achieve what I want it to, I found the best way to do it was just to re store it instead of updating the preset. It seems as though I do have to Recast the preset otherwise the changes do not take place in the cue its in, maybe this is a bug?

    I am trying to write macros to change phasers values on the fly.

    Currently one of the macros is as follows:

    -blind edit on

    -edit preset 25.1

    -select encoderpage 4

    -step 1 transition 100

    -step 2 transition 100

    -update preset 25.1


    -recast preset 25.1




    -blind edit off

    Currently the macro requires a user input to press ok when the "do you want to update preset 25.1" pops up.

    Is there a way to have the macro press the ok button for me so the macro requires no user input?