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    I bought an LS Wing from Work to control my gma3 compact XT as I cannot connect an MA wing. This device is a standalone OSC controller.

    The LS Wing sends commands that are seen in the system monitor. There is a video tutorial (LINK) where they explain how it works but I don't manage to get feedback from my sequences or executors in MA3. I tried to send the UDP messages as described on the ACT website from QLAB to MA3, I can see them in the System Monitor but nothing happens in the software.

    I wonder if this is a bug or if I do something wrong.

    As I see the messages in the system monitor my network is fine. I enables input and output in the OSC tab in the In&Out menu. The port is correct, I enables receive(cmd) and send(cmd).

    I really wonder what I do wrong, anyone who can help on this subject?

    I have a show running on timecode. Normally I use the timecode in cues but as this is not implemented I have to use timecodes from the pool.

    My first cue is a 'prep' cue, when the song starts I go to cue 2.

    The behaviour I see now is that when I start the timecode my sequence gets an 'off' somewhere and then starts at the first trigger of the timecode. Is this normal behaviour that the sequence first gets an off?