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    I expect this same shortcut from MA2. If there is DEFAULT command FIXTURE, I don't have to mark it always. For me it is bug

    readout PHYSICAL in using command AT doesn't make it correctly

    at MA2 was readout NATURAL and it was really natural. overthere is ...

    I know that a lot of funcionality still is not implemented. but I am just passing elearning, and trying make it step by step. but it supprising me that functionality of official guid doesn't work correctly

    hi, i would like to make task about bugs which i found.

    Console software

    1. At my opinion AutoFix doesn't work correctly

    2. another bug will be easier explain step by step:

    - make seq at fader

    - make another pole (upper button with some function)

    - move seq at another page

    - move seq at another place

    - seq is separates and i can't move it or delete anymore