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    I use Robin Tarrantula in a show, but have many problem with the visualisation in the 3D Window. For the DMX value, all seem to work.

    I use the GDTF file made by Robe. I can use the dim parameter to get a beam in the 3D, but it appear only for the flower part of the fixture. and it is impossible to get the color R, V, B and W. I think it's a problem with the geometry declaration of the fixture.

    Someone can help me with this problem ?

    use the short key, and at a moment, I want to label a preset and forgive that shortly are activated. I activate the blind mode with the B unvolontarily.

    All works great, and now when I select fixtures and adjust parameters as dim and pan tilt for example, all is working in the fixture sheet, but nothing append in the 3D views.

    I really don't understand what append, no filters, no fixture park ...

    Need some help

    I have 12 Robin Megapointe in a show. The default value is set to 0%. With noting selected, no sequence running, no effect ... the value of the dimmer of the mega pointe is 100, and if I select now the mega pointe and just touch the dim encoder the value jump to 0.

    I have other fixture as Robin Esprite and all is normal for them.

    Really strange.

    Any ideas ?

    you're right, the problem appear only on 3d and color picker, not in dmx value that are as expected. It's a problem if we want to prepare show without any ma hardware enable us using soft as capture or wysiwyg.

    ok thank you Ryan.

    if I go in the patch in fixture type and then set the three channel ColorRGB_R,_G and _B as DMX Invert, normally the behavior of the encoder must change from RGB to CMY. If I change the DMX invert, nothing change and the color stay as RGB.

    Hi, I want to control my fixture for example Mac Viper Profile with Cyan Magenta Yellow, but all the time I can control them only in RGB mode.

    If I invert the attribute ColorRGB_R , G or B in the fixture definition, nothing change.

    Do I miss something ?

    I tried to have two onPC windows connected in the same session. Each onPC use a different user.

    If i select some fixtures and put them at full, they appear in the programmer of the two onpc.

    Normaly, in a multiuser environement, the programmer are not shared.

    Do i miss Something ?