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    Im a novice at opening up and cleaning consoles, wiring, etc. And opening up the command wing and cleaning/ putting in new faders, was super simple!

    I used alcohol to wipe the fader rubber, and just used pressurized air in small bursts to get the dust out of cracks.

    In the manual it shows how to replace, by removing 2 screws and undoing the white cable. I followed these instructions, and was super careful. And everything worked just fine!

    Just make sure you have the right tools, and just be diligent about being careful around the cables!

    Good luck!

    make sure you are selecting both steps when doing this. if you are on step one and change the width, it will only change the width to step one.

    Also syncing(top left of encoder bar) as become part of my work flow!

    hope this helps

    Is there a syntax to select temp on a fader?


    Found it after hoovering over fader option and read command line.

    Set page x property "fader" "temp"

    So it lets me set the fader as temp, but doesn't act as anything?

    If I manually go into fader and set as temp, it works as it should.

    Also I have tried: assign fadertemp page x

    The cmd history accepts the syntax but the fader doesn't change.

    Maybe a bug?