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    From my testing, it looks like it's only the FixtureSelection that is reset, not the AttributeSelection. So if you're using a World to filter attributes in your sequences rather than fixtures, then you'd still be okay.

    (I'm not disagreeing that it's a bad bug, just clarifying the results.)

    Hi Ryan.

    Please try with output filter function, lets say I have 1 sequence for all fixture dimmer, and mirror to 2 sequence, use 2 world for odd and even group, now with v1.6 all the world data gone and both 2 sequence output all fixture too, very sad with it.

    I really hope so bro, I have tried from old show file. new show file. On PC win, on Pc Mac, uninstall everything on C:/, reinstall but no change,

    May be Ma go with Apple way? "if something not usual, it is new function, not bug".

    At least it is not happen with sequence pool , LOL.

    Hi all. Hope somebody can help.

    I have installed v1.6 and found this issues, if you patch more fixture to current showfile or delete some fixture, or just rename fixture,any change in patch , save and exit patching, then all the World lose it's data and become to Full world. All my output filter use world are gone, OMG!!!

    It happened both on current showfile converted from v1.5 and new-show file of v1.6, both on Windows and Mac version. You can try.

    thanks for any helps.

    Hi bros.

    i have the issue that trig time function not work on timecode.

    Lets say i have Cue 1 thru 6, cue 1-3-5 is Go+ and cue 2-4-6 is set to trig time mode

    if i go manualy by Go+ button, it is ok, hit go, cue 1 run and cue 2 is trigged , same for cue 3 and 5.

    On timecode, i have 3 marker for cue 1-3-5, and when play timecode, it just go cue 1-3-5 only, no auto trig cue 2-4-6.

    Did i miss something on setting, programing, etc or it is bug?

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi guys
    I have a problem, this is :when i save a cue in cuelist with fade time postition (i-fade) , example 30seconds, it run smooth and be fine.
    But when i trigged this cue with timecode, it run faster than 30s. maybe just 16 seconds
    Did i do something wrong or any ideas,
    Sorry for my bad english