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    dherderich is right.

    I was thinking about standart dimmers.

    For now you can patch a standart dimmer using the same address as your dimmer fixture . then you store it into cue part and assign transition curve.



    If you stored values on an exec, they are automatically deselect from your programmer.

    So in your case you have to call it back again by clicking on attribute dimmer twice (till you can see a red bar on the top right corner of the attribute dimmer box).

    Store Look functionality obviousely not implemented yet...

    Hey !

    Thanks a lot to all this tricks !

    I don't found yet how to trig a sequence thru OSC, but it will come . I'm using isadora to send OSC, and it work Isadora to Isadora, but not Isadora to GrandMA3. Probably a setting mess.

    I found how to set Midi, and, here is the trick : Add +1 at the note sended .

    E.G : if the sended note is 33, enter 34 inside "midi index" field.

    Hi Vesuv, and thanks about your answer!

    Can you please tell me more about configuration?

    For OSC, what need to be fill? Prefix? Page? Fader? Encoder? Key?

    Do you have a scheme for midi 5pin connector if I want to build my own cable?

    Many thanks!


    Considering midi is not implemented... I decided to work thru OSC, but without succes.

    I'm sure about my network settings but a little bit less in OSC grandma3 setting.

    Does OSC is implemented on soft 3 and if yes, what are the setting to trig a simple defgo...?

    All the best!