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    Hi there!

    As I mentioned earlier, switching between wings would make sense if the faders were motorized.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to test your code because I got rid of my old APC Mini and switched to APC Mini MK2. Unfortunately, these new controllers have slightly different MIDI notes under the buttons and color control commands.

    Fortunately, I have already managed to deal with it, and the updated code is on my GitHub.

    Hi! The MK2 looks great with the RGB support!

    Switching between wings is working indeed. It was switching between pages ] I'm wondering about. :)


    Would it be possible to have a 'transparent value'? So it will output the value one step down on the priority list.

    Let's say I have an ExecuteButton setting the Red channel to 255, Green 0, and Blue 0. A solid full red.

    Secondly, I have an ExecuteButton with a colour effect: '2 colour hard'. The high value is Red channel to 255, Green 255, and Blue 255. The low value would be Red channel to <transparent>, Green <transparent>, Blue <transparent>. And pump up the speed. :*

    1. When I would turn on the ExecuteButton for full red; the fixture turns red.

    2. When I turn on the ExecuteButton with the colour effect on top of that: the fixture stays red but with additional white flashes.

    Is this possible?



    Thanks for your reply. I was trying it out and there seems to be a bug. I get the error as attached when I press a button. I try to debug and discovered the problem probably is something with the "var ...." in both statements. Without it no error occurs (but the board doesn't work probably ofc). I've tried to fix it but no luck so far.

    Hi Krzysztof!

    Thanks for the detailed reply!

    I did as you say and added as a separate module the remaining channels (like dimmer, shutter, effect). For inspiration, I looked in the XML file containing the TMH-X 5 fixture you were so kindly sent me.

    It seems I can't get the shutter channel working properly. This can be seen when the attached fixture is imported in Dot2. When you increase the Strobe slider/fader (under Beam) the slider doesn't move and the buttons don't work as intended. When looking at the DMX-out window you can see it never goes above 11.

    After some trial and error, it seems to be the problem of "EncFrom/To and/or PsyForm/To."

    I found the online docs and this forum post however it does explain what should be entered to get it working.

    How do you handle these values? How do they relate to the Dot2 interface?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi All,

    I tried to listen for Artnet data through different programmes.



    Both I've configurated to listen to the right IP address (as described above) through the Microsoft KM-TEST loopback adapter.

    Both can not capture ArtNet data that is sent out by Dot2.

    So that would tell me eighter the problem is Dot2 sending it to the loopback adapter, or the loopback adapter to the ArtNetToDmx software.

    I don't think the problem is with the end software not capturing it right.

    Dot2 > Ethernet2/Loopback adapter > ArtNetToDmx

    What would you think the problem might be?

    Wouw, Thanks @Krzysztof Korzeniowski! When I have my hands on the fixtures I will test your file in two weeks!

    When I open your file in Notepad I can see that the file is created in "Fixture builder v19"- is that correct? (So not with the use of the inbuild fixture builder of MA?). The reason for asking is that I want to create a fixture profile for the "Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°" which has multiple colour instances as well.

    Do you perhaps have a link to a great tutorial when I can learn to build them myself?

    Hi All!

    For quite a time I managed successfully to use Enttect DMXUSP pro together with Dot2OnPC (v15 and later v19) bound together with ArtNetToDMX software (from Freestyler).

    However, 'suddenly' It stopped working. I don't get errors - I don't see any data being received by ArtNetToDMX software. The little blue 'lights' in front of "Art-Net Detected" etc do not flash anymore.

    I've but 'suddenly' between quotations because this pc has been updated from windows 10 to windows 11. Because of Corona I haven't touched Dot2 in a while. I could vaguely remember problems that started after I got in ArtNetToDMX software an error ('Error Binding'). I did not look into the issue until now. I can not tell this was before or after the windows 11 update... Could this be it? Windows is famous for great backwards compatibility. Or do I have to wipe my PC and reinstall win10? :')

    My setup:

    - I followed this video exactly.

    - So created a loopback adapter, used as IPv4 address 2-100-100-1, use 'ethernet2' in dot 2, started a new network session, turn ArtNet on in dot2.

    - For settings of Network adapter, ArtNetToDMX software and Dot2 see attachment.

    What I did to fix things:

    - Followed the youtube video again

    - Reinstalled all the software.

    - First started ArtNetToDMX software then Dot2, and another way around.

    - Turned off Wifi

    - Tried different IP addresses (Dot2 wont recognize my node)

    - Googled ;)

    > I couldn't figure out whether the data is not sent out by Dot2 or not received properly by ArtNetToDMX software.

    Do you use the same setup? What are your settings? Did you update to windows 11?


    I've downloaded dot2apcmini2.

    It seems only the first "scene launch" button (clip) seems to work in order to browse through the different wings. Under this "clip stop" button it seems only B-wing1 and F-wing1 to be located?. Is it correct it is not possible to cycle through the different wings with the "scene launce" buttons?

    Thanks in advance!

    (ive got a 'show' in 2 hours :) )

    Hi there!

    Since I had no luck in the fixture share I'll try my luck here.

    So I would like to use the "LED TMH-X Bar 5 Moving-Head Beam" (official name)

    However, when I search for its name in dot2 a "LED TMH-X" and a "LED TMH-X5" search result appear but both are not the correct fixture; they are wash moving heads instead of bars.

    When I google "LED TMH-X" I get both the wash and not the moving bar I'm using. Erugh, confusing..

    This is the manual:…nts/c1/e2/2e/00109449.pdf

    So I read this thread because I tough "let's make it myself".

    Fixture Builder Tutorials

    I'm a bit new to fixture creation so I don't know exactly what is meant with the following.

    "the Fixture Builder can only create Fixture Types with one Instance"

    The fixture consists of 5 individually addressable RGB leds.

    Would it not be possible to create this in the fixture builder?

    Is is this what they call "attributes" ?


    TLDR: multi-instance fixture workaround since the Eurolite TMH-X is not supported as a / one fixture.

    After reading some more it can be quite complicated to have this fixture show up in dot2 as one fixture.

    So I came up with a workaround. What If I add in dot2 a fixture with 11 channels pure for movement, dimmer, strobe etc. Then I add another 5x "Generic LED-RGBW" fixture. Would this work?

    One moving led bar would show in my dot2 interface as 6 'fixtures': One just to control the movement, dimmer channel etc. The other 5 to individuals control the color of the individual LEDs. In total, those 6 fixtures would make up the 32 channels this fixture is made off.

    Question: I found a generic RGBW 'fixture'- now I just need one for the first 11 channels to control pan, tilt, strobe, etc. Any tips to point me in the right direction? :)

    Hopefully, someone can help me out!<3

    Hi Mass,

    It works like a charm! You are a hero.

    The fiftht button (wing 0) would be the programmer right? No lights are lit.

    Would be great if there is a short cut button for store, clear, delete, label, move, etc. Because doing this with a mouse is not the most convenient way when you have to do a lot - hehe :)

    Thank you so much for sharing Mass!