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    Hey everyone,

    I might be missing something but heres the problem I'm having.

    So say you go into blind to build your next look. On ma2 you were able to use the program time to fade out and/or into blind mode. This is how I busked things 90% of the time. Currently i can use the program time as expected except with blind. It just snaps in and out of it.

    Is this the expected behavior or is it another thing that isn't implemented yet? Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for the help! is there any way to get them so solo won't kill them? Maybe I'm thinking of it wrong or missing something but i have all my intelligent fixtures in their own world. When i select it i can no longer see the parked channels or dimmers (which is what i expect) but once i solo something it kills the relays as well.

    Hey everyone,

    We are getting ready to install MA3 and I am finding that there is no longer a park function. Is there an easy work around for this or will it be implemented soon? We run a lot of things off relays that need to be parked on during shows.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi all,

    We are having an interesting issue with our MA on PC. A couple times now all channels over all universes get sent what seems to be a zero for about half a second then released back to the cue. Currently we are running 8 universes over ArtNet. We are pretty confident that its not an artnet issue as they are all set to hold the last look if it were to loose its connection. All the status, system monitor, and command line are looking normal.

    Has anyone had this issue or a similar one before?

    Thanks in advance!