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    I'm using a grandMA3 command wing XT wtith the latest MA3 verison.

    Quick question on the hardware:

    The backlights of the Xkeys are always off unless I assign something to them.

    Since these keys work not only as executors but also as function keys (Layout, Macro, etc.etc.) it's kind of odd that it has no backlight on (at least they could turn on only when you press the MA key, for example). This is somethinng that would help me a lot to have a better view on the console (without the need to connect a desk light).

    Am I missing something? Is there any settiing to change this behaviour?

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.

    A couple of questions on Sequence Sheet Settings:

    - I've been using Cmd Delay on some of my cues and I can't find a way to include this delay time on the Cue Duration. If I want to, I can see the cue duration showing me Fade + Delay Times, but it doesn't add Cmd Delay times. Am I missing something? (what I am doing as a workaround is storing the Cmd on a cue part with a delay time - the same time as in Cmd delay - so I can visualize the decreasing time)

    - Is it possible to drag or erase sheet columns so I can reorganize them my own way, or just stop seeing some of the columns?

    I am using the Mask options, but it just removes blocks of columns. I would like to have the chance to freely reconfigure the column sheets.

    Beeing able to drag columns would be great...

    thanks in advance.


    I’m working on a play using several sequences and I have a screen with different sequence sheets.

    Besides giving a name for each cue on the sequence sheets, I was wondering if it is possible to attribute colors to the cues so I have a more visual way to keep track of things.

    Hope this made sense.


    hoss : that's exactly what I've been doing. And it works fine.

    but what Andreas said about automatic CuePart creation and Pool Settings made sense and was a game changer.

    It's a bit weird that there is no info about this on the manual. And it could be a tiny bit less complicated though...

    Thank you very much!

    This is an issue that was probably already mentioned here in the forum.

    I can't use the Programmer Parts tool as I see it explained in the official video tutorial.

    Everytime I try to insert new attributes on a second (or third) part, all the attributes stay active on part Zero. I can´t find the right way to populate the other parts.

    I would really like to understand and use this tool.

    Can you guys help out with this one?

    I'm using version on a mac

    Thanks in advance.

    I imported some Macros and Plugins from a USB stick to our console (MA3 light) through MENU>IMPORT/EXPORT.

    They were originally created and exported on an OnPC with the exact some version (

    The import seemed to work normally, but all the imported pool elements were empty, and without labels. The plugins' text input and macro commands were all gone.

    What did I do wrong?

    I tryed to import to another OnPc and it was all ok.

    Thanks in advance.

    I've been through this issue quite a lot.

    My solution was to build a couple macros to remove fixtures delay and fader individual time, so I can program sequences quicker.

    MacroLine 1: Delay

    MacroLine 2: Remove

    MacroLine 3: Fade (Wait: 0.1)

    MacroLine 4: Remove

    In the same logic, I also built a macro to remove delay only and fade only.

    Does this makes sense? Would you guys have any ideas to build macros to serve this purpose?

    I tryed different macros, this one (the simplest) is the one that works better. Although, randomly, it fails to work...

    Hi guys

    I just found this old post and I still have the same problem: I can't send dmx values to unpatched fixtures.

    Since it's already possible to park unpatched dmx through DmxUniverse, this seems quite strange.

    Am I missing something?

    thanks in advance.

    In the same situation I mentioned before, I also tryed using "goto cue x time y" instead.

    But it also didn't work the way I needed it to: the second (unwanted) cue dimmer values will always go up before start going down.

    Go- is not a time-machine playing a live recording in reverse.

    unfortunately, it isn't.

    Any ideas on how can I turn this situation around?


    Hi there!

    I am using a MA3 Light console to operate a theater show and something quite strange happened today:

    By mistake I pressed GO+ two times. To stop the mess , I pressed PAUSE and then GO-.

    I was expecting to see the second cue values going down (going directly back the previous cue), but instead of that, the values started going up / changing to the second - and unwanted - cue.

    It was a huge mess... (basically, I paniqued...)

    Only after the show ended I repeated the same steps and saw what happens:

    If you press (by mistake) GO+ for two times and then press GO-, the second (and unwanted) cue will continue to fadein until the fade time reaches half of it cycle. At least, this was what it seemed to happen...

    I am almost sure that I am missing something: is there any transition setting? could it be a LTP/HTP setting (doesn´t seem to make sense)?

    Hope this explanation is not too confusing.

    I bet there are more people on the theatre market that might need to undersand this issue...

    Thanks for the help.