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    MacBook Pro 2014

    OSX 11.6.5

    MA3 1.7 doesn't recognize my wifi port. On the Network Stations menu it says "No Cable" instead of the IP address.

    It recognizes ethernet port though and it works as expected.

    The same wifi port works fine on the 1.6 version.

    They were watching the while time laughing at us I'm sure.

    Exactly! ^^

    I downloaded the new version and just read the release notes.

    "Presets can now contain timing values only. For example, fade and/or delay. Together with this change, it is now

    possible to only call fade and/or delay times into the programmer. In cues, you cannot store timings only."

    I'll try it ASAP.


    I think we both arrived at the same point. It seems that relative values are not enough to make a sequence to have super priority.

    I was wondering if there's a way to park fixture fade time, but I guess not.

    Oh well... for now I'll just keep doing as always: using a fader with program time. It works fine! ^^

    Thanks anyway!

    Thank you so much for your time, hoss

    Unfortunately, I can't replicate it. It's like super priority isn't working.

    It seemed to be working when I used your Preset 2.2, but then I found out that it has (by mistake?) recorded relative and fade time on it.

    I assume that the idea is that a super prioritized sequence wins it all. But that's not what's going on here.

    I am using onPC on a mac. Tomorrow I'll try it on our MA3 Light console.

    Along those lines, another ,way less flexible and heavy handed approach would be to change the fixture types DMX Change Time Limit value. The issue here is it would be Global to the fixture type and I have no idea who you would macro it; somewhere deep in cd root 13.9.5 and I'm sure this has the potential to break things if you aren't careful.

    I will check this. It's quite a challenge, thought. :)

    I was replicating your "super priority sequence solution" and it didn't work. Probably I am be doing something wrong.

    I don't know why, but when I call a position preset (with no fade or relative values recorded) it would put the fade values of the super sequence to zero.

    It only works while writing absolute pan/tilt values.

    I checked that I only recorded the relative values (zero) and fade time in the sequence, and also checked all the settings you mentioned.

    No Freeze or any time fade connected...

    Any guesses why it doesn't work?

    Thank you, hoss

    I will sure try your super priority sequence solution.

    I tryed numerous times, but can't find the way to store relative pan/tilt values and fade times on the default preset (I am using it all the times to have a home position, color, beam, etc). It was my first guess.

    Although I would need a macro to keep cleaning the stored relative and fade times, I thought it would easily work...


    Is there a way to make a program time filter?

    I would like to have all my pan+tilt movements with 2 sec time while working with the programmer, but I still want to have 0 time using color, dimmer, etc.

    On a theater/dance environment it's always a good practice to make smooth position movements while programming...

    I was wondering if I could do this without continuously using macros...

    Maybe on user settings? Maybe on Fixture Types menu? Maybe parking individual times? ...

    I've tryed some stuff, but still didn't find an answer.

    Help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Just to make things clear:

    I am sorry if I used wrongly the terms "random" or "inconsistency". I'm using ma3 on a daily basis and I am sick of private conversations with people complaining all the times about inconstency and "bugs". I find this software really powerful and I believe it will get much better.

    As with any other complex software or programming language, it sure requires lots of time of learning and practice. It can be frustrating, there could be better learning tools, it would be nice not be obliged to learn ma2. :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to agree to what was previously said: of course, "randomnes" is the direct result of bad programming and ignorance.

    But we're still on a moment that, towards a strange/different behaviour, very easily the word "bug" starts floating around... Personally, I am on a stage that I avoid that word; I assume that there's still lots of stuff I still don't know about this software...

    Although I keep contact with local distributors and other ma users, I am really tired of private conversations that lead to nowhere and are extremelly inconclusive/speculative. Thats why I think that it is really important to bring some of these learning and practice difficulties to public discussion.

    Thanks for the responses. Hope that these words made any sense and lead to no misunderstandings.

    I've been through LOTS of problems using phasers on theater shows. I admit it: most of those problems were entirely my fault (first rule: read the manual). But some issues are quite persistent, even when I am starting to be more confident with the software.

    Last week I had lots of issues programming step based phasers built with lots of steps. The phaser worked great on the programmer but it had totally unexpected and random behaviours on the executor.

    Although the SHOW STEPS function is a great tool, I find quite hard to find programming errors on the tracking sheet...

    For me the phaser step based editor is quite difficult to use. While you're building the steps, it seems to have life of its own. Tracking between steps seems to works randomly, for example...

    It would be great if these tools would be more intuitive, with a better user interface and more consistent (less random/unexpected behaviours).

    I gave a Cmd Delay time to a Cmd on a cue on my selected sequence.

    If I interrupt the cue with the Cmd Delay timing using All Sequences Off, the sequence will go off as expected and the Cmd Delay countdown will be interrupted as expected.

    But when I relaunch the same sequence — regardless which is first cue to be trigged — the timing of the CMD delay that was previously stopped will restart and the CMD will eventually be trigged.

    Is this supposed to happen?

    I am using a Cmd to launch other sequences with a Cmd Delay of several minutes. So, when I was turning down the sequences and restarting the main one after a while, I was freaking out with the fact that some cues that I didn’t trigged were being activated… it took a while to understand what was going on…

    I assume that I could write a command on the Offcue of the secondary sequences, for example?…

    (I have no idea what would be the script, though…)

    Hope I was clear enough.

    Thanks in advance.

    hoss : Is it absolutely necessary to use the quotation marks?

    I'm using the following macro when I need to patch a single fixture:

    Patch Fixture (FixID) (Universe.Address)

    When I want to unpatch, I write 0.0 on the Universe.Address

    Would you change it?

    How could I re-write it so I could easily patch several fixtures?

    As I understand you can use ListRef to find what object items are referenced or dependant by by another object. So ListRef Cue 1 or ListRef Preset 1.1 both work but ListRef Fixture 1 does not (perhaps yet?)

    Exactly. I was trying to use ListRef on Fixtures but it doesn't work.

    And List Fixture x only gives you the fixture attributes

    Help is appreciated to solve some issues using Layouts:

    (or software upgrade, maybe)

    - the graphic resolution is very very low. Specially when I use PNG files (this was mentioned on a previous thread).

    - it's still not possible to visualize grouping output values.

    - The only way I can visualize the output of a fogger/hazer is to use dimmer patch instead of fog machine ones.

    - I can't find a way to change the default view of the layout edit menu. everytime I open it, I need change order or filters, etc.

    I can't find a way to use dummy fixtures to solve some of these issues. Is there a way to do so?

    thanks in advance

    I was wondering if there is a way to get all the info on a specific fixture, so I know in which presets, sequences, cues that fixture is being used on the show.

    I was trying to use ListRef, but it shows no info.

    Probably I'll have to build a LUA script for this one...

    thanks in advance

    Don't know how much control you have of the network but you could also setup a DHCP reservation for the iPad essentially giving it a Static IP configured via DHCP.

    Once I connected the ipad to the network, it had a “static ip configured via DHCP”. It never changed.


    I was connecting our MA3 Light with an ipad as web remote using a DHCP ip address on the remote.

    Since we need to spare its baterry, every once in a while the ipad screen would black out. After a few times of turning the ipad screen on we would lose the connection with the console.

    After some frustration around this, we found out that the console was assuming that we were connecting a different device as web remote (which makes no sense, since the ipad, although in DHCP mode, was using the same ip). Since there's a limited number of web remotes on the MA3 Light, the Web Remote Menu was filled with the same device (the same ipad). we had to clean it so we could use the remote again.

    Although we found out how to deal with it, the solution was to give a fixed IP address to the ipad, of course. But we would rather keep using it with a DHCP ip address.

    Any ideas?

    Hope this makes sense. And I also hope that there is something we're doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance.