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    I had the same Problem on my GrandMA3-light console.

    I tried it with 5 different USB Flash drives and unzipped it with different Zip Programms.

    It doesnt work.

    At least i tried it with an MA-Lighting USB flashdrive and unzipped the files with the Windows Explorer and not with

    a ZIP Programm.

    Then it worked.

    Is it possible to create a (Web Remote View)?

    In my case I want to create a view from Powersoft Armonia+ Software running on a seperate PC

    and visualize this View in a Layout View or in a general View if possible.

    I also want to switch on my GMA3-light console to the Audio System Setup View, same as on my IPad-Pro in different browser bookmarks,(favorites) between MA Web Remote and Armonia+.

    I created some GDTF-files from my inteligent lights.

    Now the most funktions work great on GMA3 console.

    But the 3-facet or 8-facet prisms of the lights I can not visualize.

    So I don´t know if this is missing in the console or the GDTF-builder software.

    Rotary Knob select Cue Function

    Command for previous Step:

    Load -1

    Command for next Step:

    Load +1

    Space between Load and - or + is important.

    This works only with the console or the onPC Command Wing.

    It does not work without hardware !


    1. You need to store some cue´s in a cuelist on an executor.

    2. Press Assign and then Press the Executor Button.

    3. Write/ Load -1 /in the EncoderLeftCmd Window and Press Enter or Please.

    4. Write/ Load +1 /in the EncoderRightCmd Window and Press Enter or Please.

    5. Assign the Encoder Key or the Fader Key as an Go+.

    Now you can rotate the Rotary Encoder and Chose the cue you want.

    Press the Go+ Button to load the cue.

    Thats all ; )

    I use it for busking.

    I hope it works for your needs.