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    Hi @all,

    I have been using commands like this in my macros and for some time and with it stopped working as expected.

    If i enter...

    set macro 2000.1 property "Wait" "Go" 

    ... I would expect this to work and set the macro wait mode to one of the two "special" values Follow or Go.

    However, all i am getting is:

    Illegal value:Set Macro 2000.1 Property "wait" "Go"

    If im am issuing a command containing a numeric parameter it is working as expected.

    OK:Set Macro 2000.1 Property "wait" "4"
    OK:Set Macro 2000.1 Property "wait" 4

    Has someone also experienced this behaviour? I am a bit stuck in finding a suitable workaround to make this work again.

    The docs covering this topic are also stating that this should work the way i was trying to accomplish it. Maybe i am misunderstanding something or this is an actual bug.

    Create Macros - grandMA3 User Manual - Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

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    Happy New Year 2024,

    as it seems that I only got the time in between christmas and new years eve I have a new release of the magic color grid. This release fixes some issues with as well as introduces a new feature called color flip. By hitting the color flip button the grid is able to flip between the last and current color setup. I found this to be very useful in live sets. Hopefully you will have fun using the grid and the new feature.



    Release ma3 - ColorFlip with Sequence · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    The colorflip feature has been enhanced by a sequence which is able to trigger the colorflip automatically. For convenience this is also assigned to executors…

    Happy new Year 2023,

    during the holidays i found some time to update the plugin and fixed some issues with ma3

    Furthermore the delay and fade parameteres are now implented using recipes instead of directly altering the presets with the programmer. The advantage of this approach is that the ColorGrid no longer touches the programmer and does no longer interfere with the users programmer content. Please not that during the initial creation of the ColorGrid the programmer is being modified and cleared several times. After the initial creation the programmer will not be used for execution of any kind.



    Release ma3 - Delay and Fade now using recipes · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    This release is for ma3 version Fixes: Fixed image storage number behaviour. This issue used to break the image copying process and therefore the…

    Ok, i got it. I assumed this includes only the ma3 fixture types.

    However, the type i was looking for was actually from and already installed on the console I have been working on. That mislead me to the asumption that there are differences in the library content.

    Hello Everyone,

    maybe i am just not doing it right but how do I use the converted ma2 library in ma3 with version I think until 1.6.3 I was able to directly use the converted ma2 libary within the patch. It seems to me that quiet a number of manufacturers are still delivering the fixture types mostly for ma2.

    How is the intended approach of using pre defined ma2 library fixtures in ma3?

    The help file just states that converted ma2 fixtures are able to be used, however it does not give any hint on how to convert these at all. By using google I found the approach of using ma2 software to export a patch that includes the fixtures, reimport this to ma3 and the store the fixtures. This seems like a pretty annoying and time intensive workaround for me so I assume that there must bei a convenient and easy solution that I just did not find out yet.

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    Hello ToraAak,

    thank you for the feedback and the error report. I have modified the script to fix the error as well as to support fixtures that rely on subfixtures such as GLP Impression X4 Bar.

    In your showfile you are using a lot of groups. In my workflow i am using much less so that is why the support for such large numbers was not implemented properly. I also tried to take care of that in the update.

    To use the plugin properly maybe you should just include the group numbers in the dialog that you really want to be on the grid, otherwise it may be become a bit unhandy to operate with so much information on one screen :)

    Release ma3 - Support for Subfixtures and Fix for large number of groups · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    Support for subfixture color capability discovery Fix for large number of groups which caused the plugin to crash

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    I have updated the plugin to work with version

    The lua syntax changed a little bit and there is a bug that causes the delaytimes in presets to be fixture by fixture instead of the whole selection. Therefore i switched to using MAtricks to get the delays working.

    Release Release · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    This release works with Version This uses MATricks instead of preset delaytime to achieve the delays. The prior implementation in ma3 is somehow…

    I recently upgraded from to and encountered a change in the behaviour of the delay times in presets.

    In if I issued a command like...

    Attribute "ColorRGB_R" At Delay "1s" Thru "0"

    ... the behaviour has been that this created a delay over the whole selection that is 1 second in total until finished.

    In the delay time seems to affect only a single fixture transition in the selection and it takes the 1s multiplied by the number of transitions to complete the task.

    Is there a way to change the behaviour back to the one in or somehow switch between the time modes?

    I searched the online help, release notes, the forum as well as the video tutorials without finding any hint on this topic so far.

    Ok, hopefully I figured it out and the new fix will work in all scenarios :/

    I had some issues in the detection of the fixturetype as well as in with the colorwheel support. I reworked this and the result seems quiet promising.

    Another bug i had to face were random crashes of the application if the script processes a larger number of groups. To avoid this I had to implement some wait states to give the application time to some other stuff. Hopefully I am able to remove these in a future gma3 release.

    I have noted that my predefined delay patterns only support horizontal delays which do not go down that well with your setup since a lot of your fixtures are aligned vertically. I will see if I am able to add some additional delay patterns for a future version. However, I have to find a way to make sure the user interface will not be overcrowded by too much icons.

    I would appreciate some feedback if that fits your requirements :)

    Release ma3_1.7.22 Fixture name and Race Condition fix Release · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    Within this release I have improved the fixture type discovery which caused some fixture types of not being recognized if the names have been changed to custom…

    Thanks for the file...i took a look at it and it seems that my fixture type discovery is not as good as i thought it to be :/ I will rework this and hopefully find a solution in the next few days.

    This bug seems to be happening on devices with color wheel as in your showfile the VL6000.

    If i am able to fix the issue that breaks the script execution i will also try to add support for several color wheels as in your case you need to use all three of them to get your hands and on a bunch of color options.

    The sCrash flag is a global flag in the small script that I wrote to reproduce the hang issue. If you set it to "false" then the script will run through like a charm without any hangs. I assume this is due to the shorter command string.

    Hi dherderich,

    in my main Magic_ColorGrid script it actually crashes and restarts automatically or pretty rarely does hang forever. I tracked it down to this bunch of commands which are adding a lot of commands to a single macro execution line. I chose this way since the macro execution was noticeable slower in prior versions if the commands are separated and not chained and combined into one larger command in one line.

    However if i execute this plugin on my onPC installation it hangs everytime and takes one core of my cpu at full load and all output stops. If the sCrash flag is set to false the script will not crash.

    Maybe this is somehow not intended to work and i am misunderstanding how to use that properly, however this has been working up to version 1.6.3.

    Best Regards,


    I have updated the image installation folder in the installation description since for some reason that does not work out of the system directories anymore. Additionally i added a very simple Nullsoft based installer that quickly copies all files to their location.

    Release ma3_1.6.3 Fix Release · Toom3000/ma3_Magic_ColorGrid
    Fix for ma3_1.6.3 lua api change -> Added installer for more conveniant setup.

    I would appreciate some feedback if the installation is now working properly or if there are still some issues.