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    Grandma3 1.6.3 still doesn't work with MacOs Monterey.

    When can we expect this major problem to improve?

    It will honestly probably be a while they are waiting for another BIG update i think to really try to minimize the issues that will arise. I only advise is to reinstall the prior version before Monterey and just wait it out with us. I have both mac and pc and run ONPC and Im not updating everything till i get the good to go from MA themselves. even then though Im creating a thorough backup of everything on all my devices just incase I need to go back.

    Also 1.6.5 is out with bug fixes and id recommend updating it.

    This is amazing and just tried it on the newest version 1.6 and it unfortunately did not work, but I knew it wouldn't being it was not made for this version. will you be able to update it for 1.6? I would really be interested in using it.