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    I have reported this to ACT and am told it is on the list but it has not made it in the last couple of updates. If they want that functionality they need to have an option to disable it. It needs to be able to runs as MA2 with a cue respecting its follow and trigger commands. Also needs a way to have an option to stop recording trig time and follows in the timeline. going in and deleting all the trig time cues in the timeline is a pain.

    Hi can anyone help me with this? My desire is to select a group of fixtures, press a macro which will input fade and delay times in to the programmer and then I can select a preset and see the preset happen in the selected timing. I want to do this so i can quickly look at different presets with different fade and delay timing without storing a seq.

    I ran in to a few issues.

    1) I have some macros which will put fade and delay times in to the programmer.

    Select featuregroup “color”

    On featuregroup “color”

    Delay 0 thru 3 thru 0

    It all works good.

    If i have a popup in the macro it does not accept the thru syntax only a single numeric value.

    Select featuregroup “color”

    On featuregroup “color”

    delay (Delay Time)

    It works if i enter a single value "2" but not if i enter "0 thru 2 thru 0" in the popup window.

    2) Second problem once I apply the timing and go to the preset it will use the timing in the preset even if no timing is recorded in the preset.

    so fixture 1 thru 10 , macro applies individual fade and delay times to fixtures in the programmer, recall position preset with no timing record in the preset and the lights move in zero time.

    If there is no timing values in the preset should it not take the timing applied to the fixtures in the programmer?


    I found a issue that has been reported when creating a phaser using dimmer in a preset, it is not using the values set in the preset. I was trying to recreate all the effects I had in MA2. I think I am missing something. Can anyone help explain how to create a phaser like the predefined one in MA3 called snap on from scratch? A phaser that snaps an attribute on and fades it out? In MA2 I would use a form but in MA3 I am stuck. It clearly is possible as it is a predefined phaser I just don't know how to do it?


    Thank you so much Benoit. I have not got in to LUA!
    The whole cue one works great. I noticed with the .1 macro it only runs after it has been applied twice? like it is not advancing to the next free cue but stores to the previously created cue the first time it runs, and then the next cue if you run it again, any thoughts?
    Thanks for your help.
    Cheers, Michael

    Hi, can anyone help me with a macro to store the next free whole number cue? I tried several command line syntax entries but could not find one that worked?
    For example a cue stack has cues 1,2 and 5 stored. If I am in cue 2 the macro would store cue 3.
    Also looking to make a macro that stores the next .1 cue from my current cue.
    for example if I am in cue 2.2 it would store cue 2.3.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Ryan, is having a HTP option in an effect on the wish list do you know? So within an effect you have multiple lines running on the same attribute and it would take the highest value of any waveform at anyone time? I asked many years ago but it has never appeared. It would help in so many situations including this one. Unless I am missing something and it would cause a conflict somewhere?

    Hi Ryan. Can you explain the best way to copy a selection order on one fixture to a bunch of other fixtures. Say a multipart fixture I make a custom selection 1.2, 1.6, 1.3, 1.5, 1.4. of the pixels. How can I apply that selection order to say 100 other fixtures to make a group but with each fixture in that order?