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    I am looking for a someone that can solve my problem: I need a macro to select an exec, make go, off all seq and put the master to 0 except in current page!
    I try to off page from 0 thru 50 with my exec fixed on page 51, but it is released... I think it is not like on grandma2?
    So I make a macro that only put down some exec... X/
    Now the biggest problem for me is that with kill I off seq before the new one is running... Lets see what I did in grandMA 2! :/
    Thank you very much!

    Hi Glad, yes I change it in:

    In macro 1432 "mych":

    In a seq with follow cue on exec 1.51.125:

    AddVar $stepmych= 1
    [$stepmych<=$nbrstep]  Next
    [$stepmych<=$nbrstep]  At Preset $presetforch
    [$stepmych<=$nbrstep]  Store Cue
    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  ClearAll
    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  Assign $SELECTEDEXEC/chaser=on
    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  Assign Sequence $"namch"/track=off
    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  Label Executor $SELECTEDEXEC $namch
    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  Off Macro "mych"
    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  Off Executor 1.51.125

    But [$stepmych>=$nbrstep] Assign Sequence $"namch"/track=off always doesn't work...


    C) Use a helper macro that can loop all of its lines. Ryan what do you mean??
    I did it with a sequence but it is very more complicated...

    I have an other problem with:

    [$stepmych>=$nbrstep]  Assign Sequence "$namch"/track=off

    with $namch which is the name of the sequence. It is not working because of "" and I can't know what sequence number it will be...



    I get a problem with the next macro: it don't loop like it would... Any helps? v3.1.2.5


    I made a video to show you the program startup. Don't take in consideration the popup which not find bcf4ma2 than I don't use. I did try with an other soft in init.ini and it open it directly with grandma2 start.
    In switch.jpg, I show you than I don't change default key ( S L Q and U) but nothing run.
    I did try S L Q and U with left windows key but nothing change...
    Window key only put command window foreground!
    Ctrl+W, Ctrl+Q and Alt are working well!
    I get nothing with Ctrl at Magik start (let you see video)
    Hope you know what is going on!


    I test your last software and it is ok, it is running! I put it as shell, it is a nice work! I delete it and put back the first version and now it is running also??!! OO
    I get others problems:
    - I can't choose the version, it load I try to press control repeteadly from my computer start to grandma open and it doesn't let me the choice... All others Magik hotkeys are working nicely!
    - No one of Magik switches are working...

    Thanx again for your help!


    I update GrandMA OnPc to v3 and I have a similar problem:
    With, I used screen 3 for my exec 1 th 15 and screen 2 with command wing bar for exec 16 th 21. Like that I had the same base than with a grandma2 light!
    Now by default, exec 1th 15 are on screen 4, with a lots of rebooting wings and moving surface, I can get it work on screen 3 but it is not very plug and play!!
    Is it somewhere I can choose screen for wing and command surface??!
    Thank you!