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    Hi again,

    In MA3 onPC I have problems with imported and converted MA2-fixtures. The fixture for Varytec Easy Move mini Beam Wash 19 channel in general works fine, but shows no beams in the 3D-window.

    The other is the fixture for eurolite LED Super Strobe ABL (a combined blinder, strobe and color wash). It has channels for shutters with 256 values. 0 to 8 results in an open, values 9 to 255 are controlling the shutter speed. At least the should! Whatever value above 8 I give in these channels it shows never more than 8! Please help!

    Greets from the island Amrum


    Hi everybody, during the todays gm3 basic webinar I was asking for the hardware especially the inbuild processor. As far as I understood the command wing XT is a command wing with an Windows computer.

    I'm using for my personal training and for the shows of Amrum Touristik (if there will be any during this Corona year) a 2port node and GMA3 onPC on a Intel NUC8i5 having four cores and using at least two monitors, one full HD multitouch and one UHD without touch. So far with few fixtures in use it works fine. Would that equipment strong enough for more?

    Greets, Wolfgang!

    Who the hell killed Schrödingers cat?

    Does this comment in the grandMA Terminal have any meaning or is it just a programmers joke?

    Eastergreetings to all!