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    Is it possible to call the absolute, fade and delay values from different presets? For example, if I had one preset with delays in for a left to right wipe and one for right to left and then a selection of different colour presets with no timing information and I then wanted to call one of the delay presets and then one of the colour presets in order to change to that colour with a transition. If this sort of thing can't be achieved using presets like this is there another way it could be achieved?


    Sounds like Pan2/Tilt2 issues are already on the radar but just in case I think I've come across another. The Robe Spikie fixture has Pan2/Tilt2 parameters, which are think are infinite pan/tilt, so if you open the phaser editor and insert steps they get added to pan2/tilt2 instead. If you add the actual pan/tilt to steps then the beams move around in the phaser editor but there aren't any handles for the steps, which makes it a bit hard to see what you're doing.

    Is it right that you have to recast presets after copying even if extra data isn't added? I've got a sequence that references a colour preset and if you call that preset, make a change and update it works as expected (the sequence is changed). However, if you copy a different preset into the referenced slot then the sequence isn't updated.

    When the sequence is on the fixture sheet shows that it is referencing the preset (ie. it says 4.101 in the RGB column).

    Thanks everyone!

    Thanks Andreas. A bit sad that unblocking the sequence will unblock any previously blocked cues (eg. Blackouts) but that's definitely manageable for the moment.

    I've just tried to put this in a macro that looks like this:


    Store cue (Cue number?) /merge


    However, the result is:

    Store cue "2" /merge

    Any idea how to fix that so there's no quotation marks?

    Hi, I've followed this example from the manual but the result doesn't seem to be the same.

    Doing the following steps:

    results in this:

    Interestingly the command I actually typed is this so it might be that this was mistakenly included in the documentation rather than a bug in the software:

    If this is something we can't currently do (either because it's a bug or not implemented yet) can anyone think of a good work around for the moment?