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    This is my current macro line that has stopped working.

    Set Seq 1 Cue 1 Part 0.1 Property "Preset" "Default.PresetPools. 21.104

    So dont know what Ma changed between versions, so this syntax doenst work anymore

    Set Seq 1 Cue 1 Part 0.1 Property "PhaseToX" 360 This line does still work.

    So its either the Property name or what comes after selecting a Presetpool what has been renamed between versions.

    what's the new macro line to change preset values in a recipe.

    Before it was Set seq cue property "preset" "default.presetpools.21.100

    But now it won't work with preset.

    So what is the new property name?

    Because it ain't values either?


    I run a mini pc with ryzen 5 Pro 4650g with radeon graphics.

    On windows 10. The Ma app is running in high performance.

    As soon I open a view with selection grid or 3d. It crashes.

    So what did I miss? It was running fine on 1.7?

    Now on

    You can also make a Phaser with 2 color Presets.

    I have 2 FX Color list under my color picker. Where i can change the Colorpreset on the fly by macro's.

    Then i combine these 2 colors via Intergrate in a phaser.

    Then i Recipe load that into a Sequence. And use other Sequence with Macro go to change the Property of the recipe line.

    That idepends on the group layout. Cause Phase 0 - 360 is always from Left to Right in a line

    And Phase from 0 thru 360 with Xwing 2 wil always result in Left to inside and Right to inside. But you need symmatrical Selection for that.

    And by a line selection its -360 thru 360.

    The Selection in Grandma 3 for you fixtures matters in what the phaser uses as Start point on your Selection Grid. X=0 Y= 0 z=0 Is base start postition.

    Having trouble with Cue Appearance showing up in layout view. Some Cue Appearance do work, Turn off and On.

    But Some Cue's will not change to Appearance within Cue 1.

    Other bug is that Cue appearance wont turn off to base valeu Appearance of the Sequence. This is with function off when overwritten and Cue Release within the Sequence itself.

    Somebody idea how to fix this?

    New problem i discovered,

    Same phaser doesn't seem to follow beat of the speed master.

    So here how its setup,

    Got 2 Cue list with recipe presets running dim phasers.

    First cue is always full the second cue is odd/even phaser.

    So both cue list run odd/even phaser Which is Universal phaser. my spots and my wash are running the same phaser. The cue list linked to same Speed1 master. Both Cue list are div 2.

    So you would aspect that the spots and wash would act the same but the don't. And yes both spot and wash are robes there are led don't have different fade times i checked.

    Both led fixture run at different speeds. So whats happening in the software that this is happening????

    Because when i select both groups in the selection grid and tap the odd/even phaser they do run at the actual speed.

    But when they are in seperated cuelist and running the same phaser via speed master they differ in speed from each other.

    While changing Preset colors or any presets live with macro merging or overwriting the current Preset.

    The whole rig will flash, even when the preset that is overwriten is not active in a sequence.

    So those blind mode work or not in this version of ma 3. Its really frustrating to work with.

    And when can we expect a fix for this