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    Go to C:\ProgramData\MALightingTechnology\installation_packages.

    Delete all files in the installation_packages folder and then install grandMA3 onPC for Windows again.

    I think that will help.

    I've deleted the whole folder "MALightinhgTechnology" and all other data (including registry keys) and it helps. Thx!


    Also does your machine have the minimum requirements?

    I'd already used the software on my PC. But then I tried by mistake to update MA3 onPC software (from update menu). So the console version of the software was used for the update. And in the middle of process software had shut down. After that I could not run the software, even after reinstalling it.

    All this happened because the button of my MA3 onPc Port Node is broken (so I can't change the mode and update software). I've changed mode of port node to MA3-mode from the Network Configuration menu of the MA2 onPC software ("switch to gMA3" button) - just to try how it works. So after that I thought I can do the same in the MA3 onPC software. But I'd found out that it's not possible. Also the version of the software of the port node was older. So, we are in the begging of my message.

    I'm trying to run MA3 onPC on my computer. I can't run grandMA3 onPC shortcut, it is instantly crashed down.

    I tried to reinstall the program, but have the same problem.

    Hello! Cann't run MA3 OnPC Software. When I run Terminal shortcut, there is a red text: "Key registry has wrong version"

    Delete and reinstall programm (even with special soft), but have the same issue.


    I've created some simple dimmer step recipes with step creator. Now I want to export them to an external drive. There're export/import buttons in the edit menu of step recipes (as in a macro - export/import function of a macro works properly). But with a step recipes export function does not work. It opens export menu, but does not change destination: shows only my pc's internal hard drive, even if I change it to external and others.

    it work's for ma3 - you need to type <console IP address>:8080

    ( i use ma3 onPC command wing)