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    I read somewhere that for Artnet the ip address must be in the 2.x.x.x range

    try fixed ip on your computer and for your enttec node.

    It works like this on my elc buddy.

    Hi all, short question: can I use one of the dmx ports on a dot2 node4 1k as a dmx input for remote control with dot2 onpc? It works with my old 2port node and also with my elc buddy, so am I wrong to assume the official dot2 node can do this as well?

    Cheers, Rene

    Hi there,

    I have no color control over my Elation Platinum Wash ZFX pro fixtures. (using dot2 onpc)

    They are set and patched in standard mode. 4 instances, 32 dmx channels. pan, tilt, zoom, dim functions respond fine on all 4 fixtures, but nothing happens when I try to change the colors.

    Am I missing something in the dot2 software, or is there an incompatibility between the firmware of the fixtures and the fixture profiles in dot2?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.