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    Put console at remote location, and connect it to dot2 onPC computer via network. That's that - all universes with onPC for ppl who has console.

    That would still require the console to be set up somewhere in the venue and used as a hub. That would be just as undesirable if not more so. I get your point.. but still, if it's not necessary to take my console to a venue to operate lights, I certainly don't want to take it with me to use as a node. If you have purchased the full console, is it an unreasonable request to able to use the onpc software in full?

    Hi guys, thanks for unlocking 1 universe for free onpc in the last update. We own a dot xlf console, but for smaller gigs, it is sometimes more practical to take a laptop with a midi board. The console was a big investment and I do shows in bars from time to time. I really don't like having the console exposed to the elements in that type of setting. Would you consider unlocking the software in full for customers who have purchased the console but need to use onpc independently as well?

    Hi guys,

    I have been having problems connecting the onpc software to my console since I updated both of them to version 1.2. I am using a cat 5 ethernet cable directly from the pc to the console. In the onpc software, the network interface was set to local area connection 2. This always worked perfectly before updating to 1.2. Now I have to set the network interface to local area connection 1 for the devices to recognize each other, but when I try to connect them, the console reboots and the onpc software loads up an empty show file. I recently updated both the console, and the onpc software to version and the first time I tried to connect them, it worked perfectl, but now it has started acting up again. I am logged in as administrator on the pc, windows 10... Shouldnt be any networking issues on the pc.. firewall is open to the software.

    In regards to midi feedback, what is the point of having midi show control capabilities without button feedback? I don't mean to sound condescending, but without button feedback how can you tell what buttons are currently on and off? Seems like the only thing I would be able to use it for would be flash buttons, or something that will not turn off other executors. For small shows I use compu show with an apc midi controller and it runs flawlessly, turning on and off buttons, and basically mirroring whatever happens in the sofware. If midi is not bidirectional, how is this achieved in other brands of dmx software? Seems like there should be a less complicated way to approach this in dot 2.

    Sorry, I wasnt very clear in my first post. I was not trying to connect the midi board directly to the console usb. I was running it as you described.. Through the pc via usb ran as slave and it would randomly freeze up and become unresponsive. My question was should it work correctly this way or do I need to use a different midi cable and go directly to the MIDI in and out ports on the back of the console? Now, I have a new problem.. since I updated to version 1.2 I can not get the onpc to network with the console. I have not had a problem with this until upgrading to 1.2. In order to revisit midi I now have to figure out whats causing the networking issues.

    Hi guys,

    I'm just starting to dabble with midi show control. We have a novation launchpad S that isn't being used, so I thought I would give it a shot and see if I can use it as an extra button wing. I brought it home and hooked it up to my laptop via usb cable and loaded my show file on the dot 2 onPC software. It took me a few minutes of reading, but the programming was pretty straight forward. I was able to map out all of my buttons in the remote input menu pretty quickly and everything seemed to work fine. When I returned to work, I set things up the same way (midi board to PC via usb cable) and linked my onPC software to the console. When I do this, the midi board works for a few minutes, but it will randomly become unresponsive and stay that way until I restart the onPC software and restart the midi board. Do I need to go directly to the midi input on the console for it to work correctly? On a side note, I would like to set my buttons on the midi board to toggle the button LEDs on/off. One problem I ran in to: some executors buttons that contain similar presets turn each other off as they are toggled, however the LEDs on the midi board will stay lit up regardless. Is there a way to make the LEDs on the midi board mirror active executors? I tried the midinote off command and programmed it into an individual cue. It works for turning off 1 other button, but is there a way to tie together more than one of these commands per cue? Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

    Thanks Lars! It works! It doesn't behave exactly like I was hoping for, but it is a great start! I looked through the user manual again and cannot find this command anywhere. I have to wonder, are there any other secret cheat code commands that are not listed in the manual? Thanks so much for your help. I'm going to program so hard.

    The fact that we have to find ways to work around this really sucks. Tapping out the BPM: Works alright for dimmer effects, but what about gobo rotations/scrolls, prism rotation, movements, etc? Chasers menu: You have to start the effect off beat, pull up the menu, and then adjust with the encoder. Programming different effects with different times: Takes up all your button real estate for only a few effects, or you cue stack various speeds, then you have to know how many times to press each one of your effect buttons to achieve a desired rate and press off + the executor when you want to stop the effect and 90% of the time it still doesn't land on beat when your options are slow, medium, fast. I don't mean any offense to anyone who offered up these suggestions. We all have to use these work arounds. This has just been burning me since we purchased this console. My shows are not nearly as good as they should be because of this. When you have to spend time on work arounds for something that should be so simple, you end up missing your opportunities or messing them up. Maybe people in the audience don't notice little mistakes and missed opportunities, but I do, and I'm sure you guys do too.. It reflects on you as a lighting designer. No one's first thought is going to be that your fancy MA console is holding you back.


    I work at the Lafayette Theater in Lafayette, IN. We purchased the first dot 2 sold in the U.S through Pulse lighting. I love the console, it is very easy to program and it has a lot of great features. However, it would really be nice to have some more options for the fader executors. Most importantly, being able to assign a rate to a specific fader rather than having a single rate master. It would be great if there was an option to assign phase and size in the same manner. I understand the console was designed to be easy to operate, but I think these options could be integrated without making things too difficult for the operator. I have tried side stepping this using the speed key and the learn command, but for me, it is much quicker and far more accurate to manipulate the rate of any given cue/effect on a fader. I was hoping the first upgrade would include these options. Any chance this could be included in a future upgrade?