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    thanks for your reply, lil typo over here, muscle memory takes over during programming. Hereby the screenshot. Some vars are longer than we can see i think, that is why i cannot get rid of them. Content_Scr1 is one of the troublemakers.

    Hi all.

    i have some uservars I want to get rid of, but if I type the same name they stay. This is probably due to a double space somewhere, or a too long name etc. I wanted to use DelUserVar* but that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet, while GetUserVar* works fine.

    How can i delete all vars in one go?

    thanks a lot.

    Hi Hive mind,

    is there a way to see if a group exists and then grab the name of that group, and return NIL or so, if the group is not there?

    example: I have group 1, group 4 and group 59 with some lights, and I want to desk to grab all existing groups and assign a preset to them and store them in a cue.

    thanks all, keep up the good work :)

    thank you for your super fast response Andreas,

    since it worked with you I restarted the software with clean start, and now it works for me too. Could it be that the link to the lua filename was not good? if i restarted normal software but didn't do the clean start, the problem stays there.

    Dear sirs and madams,

    am I correct in assuming that the desk doesn't run metatables in LUA? i saw that version 5.3 of LUA is implemented, so that should already contain them.

    this piece of code actually works in online lua editors, but not on the desk, and i can't seem to figure out why. i get an error in line 8, attempt to call a table value (global metatable). i changed the Printf into print for the online version, no other changes were made.

    thanks everybody and probably Andreas :)

    Dear sirs and madams,

    I see in some of the examples of plugins that there is 1 main function running that contains all the other programming / functions within:

    return function()
    local function1()
    local function2()

    I noticed that the desk does a lot of internal workings and at the end comes with 1 big result. This seems to slow down the process and is memory intensive.

    is it possible to make something that does:

    so lua creates 1 sequence and stores it, and then starts with the second one and stores it, instead of doing them all inside the memory , and storing 5 at the same time.

    Will a cleanup() function help in this process?

    thanks for the help forum hyve mind,

    the struggle is real, but the reward is bigger.

    awesome, thanks for all your great help Hoss. I saw that you can turn off the option of [installed] so hope that keeps it in the memory and safe away from people who spend their Corona days different than we are.

    thanks Riri, i know about that one.

    I want to protect my intellectual property. So run the plugins from a usb stick, and when I walk away they are not in the desk if I take my usb stick with me, or they live somewhere on a PU for others to save from a backup station behind the stage.

    Hi everybody,

    i saw in different places in the ui the word filepath.

    How can I use this to call a plugin from my usb stick, and where can I find that stick? it is drive 2 if I am correct, but no idea what the syntax is.

    thanks a lot and happy programming all.

    Hi Hoss,

    i am creating my own messagebox now, and got pretty far. customised everything. I am only struggeling with reading out the result and putting it into a variable.

    How can i put the result "123" of input 1 into a local variable? I saw it is a table in a table in a table, and i can't readout the nested part. I checked your website and this didn't help me either.

    -- r[<input name>]    -- the value of the input

    thanks a million


    thanks for your super answer Andreas, it helped me a lot making some steps.

    i was just wondering because of your answer if it is possible to use our local lua variables to set the global or user variables in the desk. I can't seem to escape the , (comma) that is in the Setvar command.

    example: string.format("SetVar(GlobalVars(),'%s','%s'", var1, var2)

    and var1 and var2 would be created in a table or array or other way inside the LUA plugin.

    thank you for your help so far.

    yeah that would be great. now if i make a group_1_color_base_bump_whatevah 15 variable, and i made a typo at the end, i can never delete it again.

    hope there will be some api documentation or expansion soon. for now keep up the good work hoss.

    and Hoss, if they are too long, you can't see what they were in the past, since the commandline is not showing the full variable name. So you can also not delete them via the delglobalvar command. And there is also no function to delglobalvar *.

    i think there is some improvement possible on that part ;)

    Hi Both,

    i just did a copy paste to test, but i don't get a result (message box on my screen). what am i missing before i start editing all the other values?


    Hi Hive Mind,

    I can see in the _G of the LUA API that there are some commands called, Getvar, Delvar and Setvar.

    What is the syntax to set / use these commands?

    i thought it could be Setvar("variable", value) but that doesn't work.

    thanks a lot for the help.