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    While triing things out I noticed this behavior:

    I inverted some fixtures (tilt) in the patch-window. This fixtures where allready used, position-presets where allready written.

    When I saved the patch everything worked well, obviosly, but a s soon i hit on or two of the positon-presets the whole software breaks down and does a restart.

    The problem is seen everytime I try to do this.

    Did anyone else have this problem as well?

    Î am used to the fact tht the "Programmer" should be the highest priority in the System. Means, If I have a sequence running, lets say switching between blue and red, -no effect or something, just a plain sequence- and hit the red or the blue colorpreset on my touchscreen it should stop the switching colors until I start another sequence or clear the programmer.

    Now I realized that it does not behave like this. It stops, but it starts automaticly when the sequence hits the preset I activated.

    Am I wrong? Is it supposed to do this?

    I figured it out...

    do not create Groups out of other groups!

    If you choose fixtures directly, using the command line it works perfectly, if you choose a group, preaviosly combined out of other groups, it doesnt!

    I am trying to learn how to work with the phasers.

    As far everything works fine. I follow the instructions in the manual step by step and it works like it is supposed to.


    It just works this way as long as I select a FULL group of fixtures, means “all of a kind”.

    As soon I select just a selection of fixtures, for example “Mac 4 to 8” out of 12, I am not able to activate the phase-function.
    I can make them move, but I cannot use the Phase-Button.
    I tryed it with different groups of fixtures, different fixture types.

    Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody have this behavior as well?