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    Hi, did any one have the position phaser sizing problem on the phaser editor?

    If only active pan or tilt (relative) for position phaser, the phaser size on the phaser editor are not working; but if active both pan and tilt (relative), the size function are working correctly.

    Did i missing something or do anythings wrong?


    Not sure is this the result you want to achieved, but you can try put a time trigger for the next cue, so after the first cue had go it will go to the next.

    Hope this will help.

    Hi BF, not sure if this will help you or not, but this is the way I use on MA3 to selected the sub-fixture for now.

    First select the main fixture (fixture 101 thru 110)

    Then press the "down" key, so it will select all the sub-fixture (sub-fixture 101.1>101.3 thru 110.1>110.3 if the fixture with 3 sub-fixture)

    Press and hold the "set" key ('Q' for onpc) and press "next" key to select the individual sub-fixture (sub-fixture 101.1>110.1)

    synx text = Can use "+" to select more then 1 sub-fixture (like fixture 101.1 + 102.2...etc) for the moment but "thru" not working for now.

    The sub-fixture will follow the main fixture on the select grid, so just need to select the main fixture to create the group base on the select grid.

    Hope it will help and enjoy your programming.

    Hi, since MA3 need to use parts to create different layer for a cue, can I suggest to add part icon or button at end of the command line so we can know which part are we on now instead we need to keep open the programmer part window to make sure which part are we on. And also we can select part or make cuefade part from the icon/button.

    Not sure is this a good idea, just a suggestion.

    Hi, I have a few questions about the filter / value / phaser.

    1. After the clear III, the "AT Filter" window are reset to all, but the filters pool are not reset back to All (filter 1), it remind at the last filter had been selected. So the filters pool should reset to 1 after clear III or should remind the filter setting until we choose a new filter selection?

    2. Values VS Phaser. Base on my understanding from the manual, value more then 2 step will become a phaser value, but value also can be a multi step value. So what are the different between value and phaser in the filter tools? I still able to store a single step value or multi step value either the filter is on value or phaser.

    Am I miss understand something or miss out something.

    Hi, I had a problem when update a cue.

    I have a cue with running color phaser, if need to apply a new color preset to the cue, store merge will only stop the color phaser but the color value are back to default.

    But if I press edit cue first then follow the step on top or update, then the color preset value can store into the cue.

    So, is this a bugs or ?

    The other way will be select the fixture or group, apply the color preset needed to update or change before editing the value. After done with the editing store/merge or update will do. Hope it will help you on this.

    Hi Riri, enable the single step, open phaser editor view delete step 2 thru.... chnage the color value, then update or store the color preset you wish to change. So far it work for me.