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    Hi MA Lighting,

    I had an issue with MA3 console if link up with MA3 Processing Unit.

    The issue is after changing and exiting the DMX address from the "Patch" window, the Processing Unit will block all the DMX output on the MA3 network system including MA3 Node.

    The only way to solve the issue I found for now is "dismiss" the Processing Unit on the network system and then be able to have the DMX output as normal.

    Please advise.

    MA3 V1.8.1.0

    Hi Snabbelicious, good day to you.

    Yes, I had use the "recast" function and it will update the cue.

    But if the preset are updated, why the cue are using the preset are not? Beside that i don't have any extra new active value added to the preset, by right after updated the preset, the cue are updated also, unless I need to "recast" the new value are not store at preset before.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Hi Ryan, good day to you.

    Example, I have a cue with a color phaser (Red <> White) running and the color phaser are store at "color preset 4.1".

    Now i change the color phaser from (Red <> White) to (Blue <> White), after i done with the editing and press the update key, the color preset 4.1 are updated to (Blue <> White) but the cue are not updated, it still running on (Red <> White). On the fixtures sheet, the fixtures color value readout are still on "color preset 4.1". I need to reactive the "color preset 4.1" and store it to the cue again then i can get the updated color phase (blue <> white).

    On V1.1.4.2 after I updated the color phaser preset, the cue are updated also, but V1.2.0.2 are not. Not sure is this a new update or i missing somethings.

    Please advise.

    Hi, I had a "update" function issue on V1.2.0.2.

    The updated "Phaser Value Preset" are not updated to the cue although Fixtures Sheet read out are still on the "Phaser Value Preset".

    I don't have this issue on V1.1.3.2, so did i miss somethings on V1.2.0.2 or I need to have some setting on the update?

    Please advise.

    Hi Snabbelicious, if need to work between multiple sequences to have base and phaser value, just need to set a high priority on the phaser value sequence will do. And also can enable blind to update the base value without stop the look to update the base value.

    Hi Snabbelicious, I get you point and find out a way to work with. But still need to work with part.

    Part 0 base value still the same, Part 1 or above phase value. But the way to create a phaser are a bit different.

    Step 1 - the preset or output you want on the phaser; Step 2 - change the value to "remove" instead a value. So you can have a phaser value and base value at the same time. So you can change you base value and work together with the phaser value.

    But take note, the first time when you store to part 1, part 0 value might remove. In this case just need to restore a part 0 (base value) will do.

    So far i tested and it work.

    Hi Snabbelicios, maybe you can try play with cue part instead using the relative value.

    Example, cue 1 part 0 base value, cue 1 part 1 phaser value, and you can set a fade or delay time for cue 1 part 1 to get a smooth transition. And also you can have a phaser value on cue part 0 and static value on cue part 1, so you can set a time for part 1 to get a delay or smooth transition.

    Just need to take note cue part number highest will take over the lower part number.

    Hope this will help and enjoy programming.

    Hi Vince28, some small help for you about "Clone" key, "AT" key and "Copy" key on MA3 now.

    "Copy" key use to copy the Fixtures Information to others fixture like 3D position, DMX address...etc.

    Sync text will be "copy" 'source fixtures' at 'destination fixture'

    "Clone" key use to copy fixtures value to other fixtures value

    Sync text will be "clone" 'source fixtures' at 'destination fixture'

    "AT" key similar like "Clone" key but the command are different.

    Sync text will 'destination fixture' "AT" 'source fixtures'

    Hope this will give a bit help for you programming, cheers =)

    At moment you're discarding the absolute value of cue 1 in cue 2.

    Try to do the phaser in cue 2 with relative values instead of absolute values. Then the phaser will move around the absolute position of cue 1.

    Hi dherderich,

    I'm sorry if my typing was not easy to understand but this is what I'm exactly doing but the result are no good. Let me attached a video for better understanding. Hope the video will help to understand more.

    Let me know if I doing something wrong or miss out anythings.

    Hi Daniel, it make sense for some attribute but not all.

    The picture is just a reference. The problem i have mainly is for position value.

    Example, if cue 1 part 0 I have a static position value (absolute) and I want to have a dynamic position value (relative) on cue 2 part 200 base on cue 1 static position value, but the cue 2 part 0 are not tracking the static value over to cue 2 part 0 and set the value to 0, so the result become the the dynamic value are base on pan/tilt 0 absolute value instead of cue 1 part 0 value.

    The only way for now i can make the dynamic value work base on the cue 1 static value is copy the cue 1 to cue 2 then add the dynamic value or active the position value (absolute) before add the dynamic value then store at cue 2.

    Not sure is this the way to work with, or i miss something.

    Personally I feel the part zero value should track over to others cue no matter others cue with parts or not. I feel it will be easier for us to manage the static value and dynamic value especially the time on the cue and cue parts.

    I'd put it in a lowest-priority sequence with {Off When Overwritten} disabled.

    Personally I don't think Pan/Tilt Offsets in Patch is needed because we already have Relative values, but that's just one person's opinion.

    Hi, I not agree with that cause if using a relative value to offset the pan/tilt, the pan/tilt phaser base on relative value are all affected. It mean we need to reprogram all the relative phaser base on the offset value. It don't make sense without the patch offset for pre programming or touring event.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but personally I feel offset are very important in a lighting console.

    Correct me if i'm wrong.