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    Hi again all!

    I have contacted support and found the official keywords and applications, here is an example using Pan:

    Attribute "Pan" at Relative 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Fade 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Delay 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Speed 180   
    Attribute "Pan" at Phase 180
    Attribute "Pan" at Accel 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Decel 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Transition 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Width 10

    This is unreliable sometimes, which the support person has passed on to the dev team. However, as a workaround it helps to first select the correct layer, also using the same keywords (Relative, Fade, Transition etc.) All of this wirks very well for me as of version

    Enjoy making "Effects" everyone!

    If you definitely want to position the fixtures in the grid, here is what works for me. It is not quite as simple as drag-and-drop but it is kind of quick.

    • Open a Grid window, and click or tap the first position that should get a pixel
    • The Select the fixture that should go in that place. If you have a group that starts in a straight line from this point, you can also select the group
    • Continue and repeat from the next position that you want a pixel to go, and then keep repeating.
    • Once you're finished, store all of this to a group and this will keep the grid information.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks Andreas!

    Another bit of information for anyone wondering:

    To change the selected attribute in the Stepcreator (for example if you want to extend this to a colour effect editor) the syntax is: Assign Attribute [1] At Stepcreator Property "SELECTEDATTRIBUTE"

    Where [x] is the number of the attribute which you can see in the dropdown list in the Stepcreator.

    Hi Doubletap!

    Thanks so much! It works perfectly. I already am using the All pool for my effects, but i want to be able to edit my fx live.

    One more Question: is the syntax any different if you are editing a different phaser such as a position or colour effect? Thanks!

    Either way the dimmer Editing works brilliantly now, thanks again!

    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to create an interactive effect editor which will allow me to edit and busk my phasers. Right now, i am starting to work on a dimmer Phaser. I want to change the "Form" of the Phaser by editing the Transition Values. However, I can't see a way to do this using only the command line.

    To edit steps in the Phaser, I can use the attribute Keyword to edit them in a Macro. Is there a way to also change the Transition, (Also the Phase, Width etc.) only using commands?

    I have tried to use the Set keyword and the Attribute keyword but haven't been able to make it work. Maybe i just have the wrong attirbutes which I am trying to edit, or maybe my entire process is wrong. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!

    Ok, so this is another massive workaround sadly but here is my Idea:

    You can store a group master which acts the same as a Brightness master but only for that group. If you create a group with all of your fixtures and then control that using your Midi device. Sorry for the misinformation earlier but hope this works at least.

    grandMA3 xPorts nodes running Mode2 do not have a dedicated RDM mode per port. They have only in and out as modes for the port.

    Oh sorry about that. In that case I am unsure of a fix but the behaviour of the fixtures that Felipe described here:

    fixtures sometimes stops a second when i run a effect or move fixtures for make positions

    do seem quite like either a DMX dropout or more likely a refresh rate issue. Not sure how the settings on the node can be changed to try this though.

    Might be the wrong forum because it may come from Avo, but I do have an Idea:

    Are the DMX outputs on the Node set to Out or to RDM?

    RDM has a lower DMX refresh rate, so some lights cannot react to that properly. Maybe try changing the mode on the node to Out. This worked for me on a GMA3 Command wing s

    Also out of interest, why an MA Node when you're using an Avo? I don't know much about Avolites so maybe they just don't have a comparable product.

    All the best,


    I have a feeling there is either an easier way or this will change in the future. The way Images are stored in appearances looks a little different to the other properties.

    Actually spoke to support about this... apparently there should not be a way to assign an image to an appearance as of yet. So very impressive that you managed, but he did say there should be a way to do this implemented in a future software version.

    Hi! That definitely works! Thanks for replying quickly. I was hoping I could have one variable which has a range of values all by itself but I guess not...

    Also yes my quote marks are right, just a stupid German keyboard ;)

    Thanks again, good luck to you!


    i want to have a macro line which creates and stores a uservar and then want to use that in another macro.

    So macro A is: setuservar „thisthing“ „image 3.101 thru 3.113“

    Macro B is: copy $thisthing at Image 3.201

    Commandline feedback from macro B though is only: Copy at image 3.201

    When I just try to find my variable it doesn’t show either. Why is this? Can I not set a variable using a macro? The variable works fine if I set it myself and then run macro B, but not through Macro A.

    I‘m on version

    Any help appreciated!