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    Good day. I had the same problem and I sent a report to MA. They told me that they were trying to recreate the failure in their systems since there was nothing strange in the report and the failure was weird since I had everything well configured in the computer. They also told me that I was one of the few people in the world that this happened to (they had around 10 cases in total a year ago) and that's why it would be hard to solve since it was an odd mistake.

    The solution i found was to not use the node and use the Comand or Artnet outputs unless it needs more outputs. The software only and the node never gave me any trouble.

    I would recommend you send a report to your MA distributor.

    For me, it is the most comprehensive method to turn off lights in groups, wings, blocks, time… like in MAtricks mode. I know I can do it with a second cue linked with follow like in MA2, but the desk allows converting the off cue into a recipe. Maybe I can do more complex things easily with the recipe in the off cue

    Hi to all. I try to do some recipies in off cue but something goes wrong. When I do It with the dimmer nothing happens and when I do It with color or other parameter this recipie fires with the first cue in the sequence. Which is the right way to do It?

    In my case, the PC and the MA3 software can see the wing, but the DMX output doesn't work at any moment. The Executors work, the unlock parameters work, i try to change the USB cable or the DMX cable or the two outputs but it doesn't do anything.

    Hi everyone. I have a problem when i update my OnPC to 1.7 version. My fader wing DMX output stops working , the output configurator of the system can see outputs of this wing and i can change the Universes to output, but nothing happens with the lights. Also, the faders in the fader wing seem to work properly.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    I'm telling this because the software allows it and the fixtures are copied, but not their outputs. If you can't do anything with that function it would be great that the software wouldn't allowed it and showed an error.

    If you want to do a split or copy of an DMX output in a non configurable Artnet node like the one I have, since for some reason you need that 2 or 3 outputs of that node are the same universe, for me it would be easier to come the X universe into the X universes of the universe pool rather than creating other artnet output lines and set the configuration you showed me.

    In any case, it might just be easier for me in my head.

    Thanks CaCo

    Hi to all, I want to copy universe output in my console. I use Copy DMXuniverse 1 at DMX universe 7 and in my DMX sheet the fixtures I have in universe 1 are already copied to unverse 7, but all de DMX are at 0.

    I miss something to do?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi to everyone. I saved my user with my views, but when I log in, some pools are mising and others were moved on the screens :/

    Is it a bug or I did something wrong?

    In the OnPc I created a user and I imported my profile, after I link my user whit my profile. I think these are the steps

    The command line shows me this message when I login to my session

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Daniel.

    An important part in my busking showfile is to have stomps for attributes like movements or color phasers for some types of fixtures, but personally i don't like to reload my current cue in my main secuence. Probably i made some changes on it. In this situation, what should I do for stomp fixtures and preserve the position/color for the current cue?

    Thanks in advance