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    Ok so after 10 days of experimentations I will pack to console and the WYSIWYG and load in to the theatre tomorrow. I can say I am pretty confident about programing this new show with the MA3 soft.

    I have had some issues with the users and I made the console crash many times but it seems to be running smooth now. I have changed my user profile and since then I had zero problems. The only thing different is with the Value readout. It was in Physical on my previous profile and now its in Percent. This should'nt be an issue but it seemed to be because I wasn't getting proper reading out of the WYG (MA 3D was ok though??) I could not delete groups and the console crashed when deleting specific sequences. The Value readout is the only thing I changed in the user. As i said, for the last few days it's been pretty solid, no crash no big things.

    I found out that when I am recording new focus presets starting from an existing preset, some of the fixtures dont respond. I need to clear and to start from the original value of the fixture and then it works. (so far it happened only with the focus preset..)

    When recording gobo preset I normaly like to record them with the rotation@ stop in the middle so They are always ready to turn slow. I have not been able to do it on this one it doesn't seem to record those values.

    Can someone tell me what happened to the MA AT function? is it just not operational?

    I have some BMFL with shutters and I cant find the super Shaper window like in the MA2...

    When using the phase editor window to move fixtures it would be nice if they could just move and not start to go between two points as default. having to look in the window and change the function is a step I could do without.

    OK that's it for now. JF

    Hi Daniel, is it possible something is wrong with users? I have a full size3 connected to a wysiwyg. I have created a new user to be my user for GMA3 (I have just created it, assigned it to a new profile with admin rights and gave it an appearence I did no other modifications)

    As I have mentioned in some previous post when deleting certain sequences from the sequence pool the console would reboot. Always the same sequences would make this happen. I then switch back to Admin user and try to delete and everything works perfect...


    I have some show batten patched in pixel mode. In my user, I enable the pixel mode in the control section and when I look at my fixture sheet i see a single 1.0 as value in control. Of course the fixture doesn't work in the wyg but strange enough it does in the 3D...

    I switch user back to admin and Voila! I have Values and I can control the fixture as usual and it works great. It works in the 3D as well as in WYG..

    Any toughts?

    thanks, JF

    Hi, I have just found out that when deleting the selected executor the console restarts... I have tried it many times with 2 show files and always the same result.

    save save save :)

    Or Should I say Menu Menu.....

    Well This is strange, I have been playing around those sequences and it looks like the console shuts down when i delete some very specific sequences. Not only when they are selected.... I moved them in the sequence poll and delete them again and hte console shuts down... They are very basic test sequences with some phasers, position cues and just some simple operations.

    OK if I switch USERS and do this in Administrator it works fine.

    Hi, Simple question. I have a pan tilt circle in cue 1 and I want to go to a fix position in cue 2 and I want the phaser to follow the timing of my sequence and move slowly to the next position (just like the dimmers) How do you do it? it goes like a snap I cant seem to find the right time button... Thanks