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    Thanks for explaining Andreas, I should have noticed the lack of attribute.

    I designed my fixture profile in the online GDTF builder and there is no option to NOT assign attributes that I can find.

    In MA editor I can change to EMPTY if I like .

    Not sure if I understand the implications of not having an attribute vs having one.

    Seems to me most profiles use individual attribute assignments.

    To MA: I still think I have a valid point for always using the 'Channel function name'.

    Yes showing the Channel set name would also be a big improvement!

    Looking at your custom profile it seems like you've got the Channel Function names showing..

    But could it be that you also have Attributes named Loops / Once and Effect? (At least as their pretty names?)

    I always got the 'Pretty name' by the encoder but the Channel Function names when opening the dialog.

    If you edit the Channel Function name in your profile will the names by the encoder change?

    I have a suggestion about the information shown in the Letterbox Encoder screen.

    When an Attribute have multiple Channel Functions they are shown to the left of the virtual encoder like here:

    The name used is the Attribute-Pretty name.

    As these Channel Functions often refer to the same sub attribute the same name is shown for different Channel Functions.

    This doesn't make much sense to me as we need to know what we select.

    What if you instead used the actual Channel Function Name?

    In addition to being quite logic (Using the Channel Function name for the Channel Function..)

    it is also very easy to change without messing with the Fixture profile too much.

    You could easily improve profiles to your liking.

    ( Please also make more room for these names so we can see more than 8 characters. Even less with OnPC it seems. )

    With this, filtering out the attributes not used by current selection and implementing the promised encoder customization I would be quite pleased :)

    So - what did I miss?

    Why is this like it is today? Why is my suggestion a bad idea?

    Thanks Ryan, this was far from proper bug reports of course,

    more a list to show the amount of problems one could run into doing mostly basic stuff.

    I can not reproduce all myself either.

    You can have a try with these if you like:

    * Crash when making color phaser

    This is consistent for me when making two step color phaser and then adjusting the speed for a while.

    Tried with RGBW fixtures

    * Old macros fail in layout - syntax must have been changed.

    Also consistent.

    The line is for instance "Set Layout 3.1 thru 3.5 property "border" "off"

    Reports "Illegal property"

    This worked before upgrading...

    * Cue names are reset to 'Part zero' after update of cue

    Also consistent and been like that since v1.0

    Store a sequence with one cue

    Change name of cue

    Edit Cue 1

    Press update and select this cue for update

    = Name is reset to "Part Zero"

    Without 'Edit' this happens:

    "Store Cue 1 - Overwrite" will also reset

    "Store Cue 1 - Merge" will keep the name

    If you use Relative values in you phaser it should work like that.

    However, there is a small but strange change from v1.2 to v1.3 that seems like a bug to me.

    If you have a sequence with Position running when you activate Relative values also the current Absolute values are activated.

    (Even this seems like a bug to me but not what I was thinking of here)

    In v1.2 you can use OFF to get rid of the Absolute values and continue with what you had planned.

    In v1.3 using OFF on Absolute will also clear the Relative values! That means it is not possible to program relative values with a running sequence...

    If this is as intended I hope someone can explain the logic...

    Several of the issues you're talking about I haven't come across the way you describe them

    If you would be so kind to list the ones you have come across I could save my time and describe only the other ones.

    (Assuming the issues you've seen are then somehow 'in the system')

    I assume you've contacted your local distributor with your show file and specific steps / questions?

    Pyroaxel and I share distributor and they have no normal support at the moment.

    But I will send my show file.

    What would be of great help was if someone from MA would tell me 'this is known' / 'this is new'.

    AND a public list of known bugs and issues we could look at. (The real list, not the one in the release notes)

    Yes Rex - we are so lucky to be a part of this :)

    I'm sure glad I did not have anyone telling me what to program that day!

    I would have looked like a complete idiot - rebooting, losing work, cursing and not being able to make even simple effects.

    Not really sure what to do now..maybe more of my show file was messed up during the update?

    If not it's hard to believe that this was not discovered during beta testing.

    I assume there are beta testing??

    Here's my report from one days work:

    * Crash when adding to patch
    * Crash when making color phaser
    * Selected 8 fixtures, colorpicker gave one fixture different values than the 7 others

    * Value changes show in programmer but does not show in encoder window

    * Old macros fail in layout - syntax must have been changed.

    * The executor configs that was lost in the upgrade, but later manually imported, turned out to be messed up and useless.

    * Sequence fader affected output with sequence off

    And my old favourites that I always get reminded of:

    * Fade between cues does not work when sequence master fader is not at full

    * Cue names are reset to 'Part zero' after update of cue

    * In the executor window wrong cue is shown as 'previous' (Above current)

    As much as I like new features, maybe it's time to fix at least those three?

    Thanks hoss, I managed to hack my way thru it.

    Turns out OnPC 1.2 does NOT put the file in the \export folder..

    Btw. I used export x thru Y and import library "xxx" from an old Andreas post (Thanks Andreas)

    I just hope the rest of the show is unaffected of this bug.

    OH GREAT, when I open my shows in v1.3.1.3 all my Executor Configs are gone.

    If this is not seen by others maybe it has something to do with my non-default DataPool?

    This is on CRV light.

    Maybe it can be exported and imported? Edit: Turns out it can but what a hassle..

    At first I had my own user but got tired of always changing at load show so I thought I stick with Admin and just import my User Profile.

    Problem is it doesn't remember last used user profile for a user either! So now I have to go in and change that every load show.

    I wanted to add this user profile window but I can not find it...

    Assume hoss refer to user window.

    Well it is one click faster to change profile from there so I will use it..

    I think I understand what you mean sstaub

    Maybe you can make a phaser with many steps and different dimmer values (e.g. 30, 70, 35, 45, 35, 60.......)

    Then set transition for all steps to 0.

    Maybe throw in some different Width values too.

    If you then use random selection for phase it might start to look like flicker...with some luck...have not tried.

    Speed should be fast I guess.

    We do need a function for random or semi-random values. I hope they have some plans.

    Inconvenient indeed!
    Some times I have to go through 8 pages to find the 4 attributes actually used by the selected fixture.

    Surely this must be improved.

    They have actually announced customizable feature-mapping of the dual encoders but I doubt it's implemented.

    I was able to store relative phaser in cue and preset directly.

    I notice that if a sequence is running absolute values will be grabbed when adjusting relative. (And need to be cleared)

    Not sure if this is correct since default values are not grabbed if no sequence is running...I would rather activate if needed.