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    I noticed this and it seems like a bug:

    On a 16 bit Attribute I have a Channel Set with value 32768 only. (It is "No Rotation")

    If I recall that with Readout = Decimal 8 the value that is recalled is 32896. (And that is a bit rotation)

    Correct values for the DMX channels are 128 / 0 but for some reason it becomes 128 / 128

    This seems connected to the behaviour that both the course and fine channel gets the same value when encoder is turned.

    To top it off the outer encoder ring does not work in this mode.

    Could anyone confirm and report this please?

    More testing revealed that Channel Function Names are still used in Calculator Tabs.

    Problem is that importing a GDTF-file will remove the names in the file and replace them with useless names.

    E.g. I had 3 channel Functions: No Key / LumaKey / ChromaKey and MA3 change that to: Key 1 / Key 2 / Key 3 (Based on Attribute = "Key")

    While on the subject, can anyone explain why MA3 uses Attribute to indicate Channel Function on the Encoder bar? As there is a fair chance the same attribute is in all Channel Functions you often get a list like:





    Are we supposed to make a lot of additional Attributes to get a list that make sense?

    Have anyone noticed that something happened with GDTF support updating to v1.4? (OK in v1.3)

    Channel Function names are no longer used by MA.

    Switching between Channel Functions seem to make up default values instead of using the values from Fixture Type.

    dherderich  DanielK

    Clone without condition and copy/paste programmer will both include playbacks.

    The scope might technically be the Programmer but any playback values are grabbed before the transfer to the destination.
    In practical use I would not agree that scope is Programmer.

    What do you think?
    Is this an error?

    Thanks for sharing Toom!

    It doesn't fit my workflow but I find it interesting to look at the code...and my oh my there is a lot of that !

    I will probably aim for something simpler with my first LUA script :)

    While on the subject I'd like to suggest a design change of the dialog box.

    (Might not be 100% correct but you get the picture)

    I believe it would be much easier to use if we break it down to two questions: (Two selection boxes)

    1. What do you want to copy from source cue?

    Select one of three:

    * Content

    * Status

    * Look

    2a. How do you want to store in destination? (Destination does not exist)

    Select one of three:

    * Store, keep tracked values = COPY

    * Store, terminate tracked values with default = COPY (Status)

    * Store, terminate tracked values with release = COPY (Status) Release checked

    2b. How do you want to store in destination? (Destination already exist)

    Select one of four:

    * Merge

    * Overwrite, keep tracked values = Overwrite (Content)

    * Overwrite, terminate tracked with Default = Overwrite (Status)

    * Overwrite, terminate tracked with Release = Overwrite (Status) Release checked

    And ONE big action button to execute!

    (+ Cue Only as a toggle when needed)

    It would be super easy to add options without new check boxes...

    OK, in my similar but slightly more complex test I did not notice the fixture that disappeared as I was not looking for that ...

    Maybe because I found my interpretation more useful :)

    So another way to describe "Overwrite(Content)" is " Delete all stored values then store the 'source' " ?

    Just as a regular overwrite.. No need to confuse me with the (Content) ;)

    I'm testing the news in v1.4 and copy a cue into an existing cue.

    I see no difference between 'MERGE' and 'Overwrite (Content)'

    The latter "Overwrites only the content (stored values) of the destination" claims the release notes, but it also overwrites tracked values.

    I was thinking it should work similar to the 'original content only' during update..?

    Good point, but I don't really trust the Oops key yet on a general basis.

    You could also risk to inadvertently change the patch without noticing when later trying to Oops something that was NOT oopsable...

    I'm thinking I could live with a popup.

    Is there a Un-Oops ?

    Or a list to show what Oops will do?

    When leaving LivePatch with "Discard" some fixtures make a short but very visible Zoom-change.

    The fixture I noticed this on was a GLP X4 in Hires mode.

    Particularly strange after "Discard" I think.

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Try to activate "Allow Duplicates" for that cue. It's a column you can set to YES.

    Without that an attribute can only exist in one of the parts.

    With YES it's like a sequence inside the cue EXCEPT all parts trig at the same time without delay.