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    A warning if you plan to try that..

    I've had cues changing all by themselves.

    Could not reproduce the initial problem but found another during my try:

    I open the showfile and the cue is running ok
    I import a sequence to the show, in the exact moment I press the Import button the already running cue is changed!

    What does the software do during import??

    Even if I now re-load show without saving it has already been saved with this cue changed.

    What happens in the cue is that Step 2 of a phaser just disappears.

    That makes sense Will Murphy
    I've read the notes but didn't think of this consequence it could have.

    I wonder though if the underlaying problem will be fixed.
    Several Fixture Types I've tried from MA2 part of library have problems.
    What does it even mean when I have 6 channel functions named:
    G1 <>

    G1 <>


    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    Is that supposed to give me any information?

    I'm really disappointed by MA3 Fixture Type support

    - No help with Fixture Types design (requests)

    - Have to redesign existing F.T. to get meaningful functionality

    I read the very long release notes today and it is of course a lot of improvements.
    I'm wondering though how the priority is decided at MA lighting?
    While we get several cosmetic fixes, other bugs dating back as long as v1.0 are still there.

    I'll add to the list as I test the new version with old problems.
    Some of these are said to be known bugs so the list is kinda the missing pages of "Known limitations"

    (With a bit more respect for the customer MA Lighting would have included known bugs under 'Known limitations' themselves.)

    During a show tonight I experienced multiple times that a sequence would not turn off after releasing the Button (set up as 'TEMP').

    I had 4 one-cue sequs with a short off fade.

    Tapping the buttons in a rather random combination would some times leave a sequence on.

    I'm thinking that should not be possible - unless there is something I don't know about the Temp-function?

    Anyone else noticed this?

    I've made an update to my plugin based on the feedback: (Outdated)


    Removed the unnecessary change of the Readout and used 'PercentFine'

    Used the size of the selectiongrid to determine how many times to loop

    (This makes the plugin work with MaTricks now!)

    Fixed the problem if only one fixture was selected (one grid position)
    As far as I could see 'counter' was the only variable not set as local (Except those used across plugins)

    I tried the clever code for random between two values but it only returned whole numbers so I reverted to my old version.

    I'm sure it will come handy though!

    I've just finished my first Lua Plugin and I'm sharing it here: (Outdated)

    This plugin gives random pan/tilt values to the currently selected fixtures.

    It's quite fun to use and I'm sure it could be useful too.

    There's actually two plugins and this is how to use them:

    -- 1. Set your readout to percent

    -- 2. Make a note of the minimum and maximum pan and tilt values you would like

    -- 3. Run the plugin 'RndPOS Limits' and enter those values

    -- 4. Each time you run 'RandomPOS' you will get a different look

    If you see something you like, store it - it will never come back :)

    More info in the Lua file.

    Tell me what you think !

    - - -

    To anyone not familiar with how to import plugins:

    1. Download and extract the attachment

    2. Save a show to your USB stick to create the grandMA3 folder structure on your USB-stick

    3. Copy the extracted 4 files into the plugin library folder on your USB-stick:


    4. Open a Plugin Window on your grandMA3 and Edit an empty plugin slot/tile

    5. Press Import, change drive from Internal to your USB-stick. and select ringens_randompos.xml

    6. Press Export, and Export again, if you want the plugin to reside in your internal drive, so it is easy to import into other showfiles Repeat 5 and 6 for ringens_rndpos_limits.xml

    7. Close Plugin-editor, and call the plugin whenever you need random positions

    (I stole the instructions from a post by Andreas)

    I believe the answer is "never" and I'm ok with that.

    In fact I think it's a good thing because we will get added functionality and improvements for a long time.


    I'm very concerned with the implemented stuff that works poorly.

    I constantly run into issues and have to remember specific workarounds and what not to do.

    E.g. using and editing parts (Last thing I discovered the hard way was that copying a sequence or a cue with parts does not work!)

    I see how missing features could be a deal breaker but me personally hope that v1.5 have big focus on bug fixes and cleaning up existing stuff.

    Ryan Kanarek
    I'm curious if you reproduced and reported the 'Long names won't stick' issue? (Fixture Type edit)

    And about the multi-select function, is the procedure that you should hold select-button pressed while selecting several objects?

    As mentioned I get multi selection unintentionally when I work fast so maybe it should be adjusted so you actually need to hold it until selected?

    Or maybe I should work with one hand on my back :)