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    #5 - Confirmed by MA

    If you load a show with unsaved changes in your current show you get a dialog.

    Choosing "Do not Save" in this dialog is not respected and the show is saved anyway!

    If I don't want to save it's usually because another bug has messed up something so this was a nasty one.

    #4 - Confirmed by MA

    Clone Fixture 1 At Fixture 2 If Sequence 1

    This works (Not really - see below) , BUT it also changes values for other Fixtures in the Sequence!!

    Tried to do the same within a World with only Fixture 1 and 2 - Same problem

    Tried to set World as input filter - Same problem

    This was with the option "Overwrite" - I don't think it means overwrite fixtures not specified....?

    Although it makes no sense it could have something to do with the fact that the fixtures cloned and the other fixtures share some presets.

    Digging deeper I noticed that the Source Fixture also is changed in the sequence!

    And the Destination Fixture didn't get the values from the Source SO totally 100% useless for me at the moment.


    In a Fixture Sheet with Fixture Sort ON and Prog Only ON:

    I select some fixtures and they show up

    I try to select the NAME-cell for one of the Fixtures - That Fixture is sent to the bottom (Same for FID-cell)

    Only way to select the cell you want is when your fixture is at the bottom.

    I assume this is wrong, but if not I would like to know the purpose.

    To confirm, you don't have the screen encoder enabled in your user profile?

    Correct - I use all 5 encoders for Attributes

    What fixtures? Which attributes? What resolution and readout?

    All Fixtures, All Attributes, All resolutions and readouts (That I have tried)

    Best seen with resolution Fine:

    I adjust from 0 to 5
    Then I press and adjust to 20 (With multiply 5)

    I release and continue adjusting and it starts from 5 again

    If I press it starts from 20 and so on...

    If I wait 2 seconds after I release before I continue to turn it seems to work...

    This was a new show with Alpha Spot QWO 800 from MA3 library adjusting Dim

    #2 - Confirmed by MA

    Using the Dual Encoders 'Press and turn' option with multiply makes values jump all over.
    Also when you release and continue to turn you get a huge jump.

    (Inner encoder with default settings)

    Very promising options but was this tested before release at all?
    It's so far out I'm wondering if I have a hardware error?

    Update. Testing on a 16-bit parameter it was easier to see what was going on.
    The current value is not transferred when you press/release so it's actually keeping two different values counting...

    I will report several issues in the same post to reduce number of topics.
    Feel free to add to the list.

    I'm hoping someone with the necessary powers could report them to MA and leave a note if they do.

    A warning if you plan to try that..

    I've had cues changing all by themselves.

    Could not reproduce the initial problem but found another during my try:

    I open the showfile and the cue is running ok
    I import a sequence to the show, in the exact moment I press the Import button the already running cue is changed!

    What does the software do during import??

    Even if I now re-load show without saving it has already been saved with this cue changed.

    What happens in the cue is that Step 2 of a phaser just disappears.

    That makes sense Will Murphy
    I've read the notes but didn't think of this consequence it could have.

    I wonder though if the underlaying problem will be fixed.
    Several Fixture Types I've tried from MA2 part of library have problems.
    What does it even mean when I have 6 channel functions named:
    G1 <>

    G1 <>


    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    G1 <>

    Is that supposed to give me any information?

    I'm really disappointed by MA3 Fixture Type support

    - No help with Fixture Types design (requests)

    - Have to redesign existing F.T. to get meaningful functionality

    Output jumps straight to stored value as soon as fader is moved.

    Expected result: Output should increase gradually with fader movement.

    Tested with new show and onPC with fader wing.

    I read the very long release notes today and it is of course a lot of improvements.
    I'm wondering though how the priority is decided at MA lighting?
    While we get several cosmetic fixes, other bugs dating back as long as v1.0 are still there.

    I'll add to the list as I test the new version with old problems.
    Some of these are said to be known bugs so the list is kinda the missing pages of "Known limitations"

    (With a bit more respect for the customer MA Lighting would have included known bugs under 'Known limitations' themselves.)