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    Multiple people might have asked for this, but now multiple people finds it maybe worth a second thought?

    As mentioned by Heart Lighting, working on a tracking sequence this is most likely not what I want.

    I have the same problem with phasers getting active - but can see that useful in other situations.

    An option to turn off this auto-grabbing so WE can decide what to store in next cue would be great!
    (Encoder Link Values "Not at all" ?)

    Dear GGGss_be
    Did you read and understand the posts leading up to it?
    I don't feel hit by your criticism. (Not now, not in your previous post)

    If I complain about something I usually have a hard time getting my point through.
    Now when I want to give credit for something I also have to argue hard....

    Dear Ryan. I regret mentioning the Presets, and you keep ignoring my other points...

    Never mind.

    Allow me at least to say the change is undersold.

    It should have it's own chapter named: PARTS - FINALLY USEFUL!

    OK, there's a misunderstanding - I'm not talking about any Presets!
    Just building a cue with multiple parts directly in the programmer (Programmer Parts-window / New ProgPart)

    BUT It's the same building a cue with Presets actually!
    Preset 1 Dim/Part 1

    Preset 2 Pan/Part 2

    Preset 3 Color/Part 3

    If you activated those 3 in v1.6 everything ended in one of the parts in the programmer.
    This is also (secretly) fixed in v1.7 :)

    That is actually not new to v1.7! It's been that way for a few versions now.

    It did not work in MY
    You could add parts but everything went to Part Zero anyway.

    (It was possible to store multiple Parts one by one, but not to work with multiple Parts in the programmer)

    To which improvements are you referring?

    (Thanks Ryan)

    It's now possible to use multiple parts at the same time in the programmer. (E.g. Dim in Part 1, Pan/Tilt in Part 2.) and store both to a cue.
    If you later update this cue the software seem to remember what part the attributes came from now!

    Combined with the Content sheet it's starting to look promising.

    More bug reports and feature requests are generated than there is time to fix or implement if the software is to be released in any reasonable amount of time!

    So...when users start to report issues after the release there is a fair chance those issues are already known.
    Still the 'Known limitations' part of the release notes are almost none existent...
    How come??

    In the 6 months before next release user after user encounters, researches and reports these issues.
    Imagine the amount of wasted time that could have been easily avoided....

    People all over the world are already using MA3 software, on small shows and large.

    I would love to know about some large shows using MA3 software.
    Particularly theater-style programming.

    That's were I have most problems.

    As soon as I push it a little bit strange things happen.

    (With push I mean long sequence, update during playback..and other completely normal things)

    Like this last time when half the console froze during show.

    Telia Sky

    Good thing the playback side stayed alive.

    I bought a MA3 Light 2 1/2 years ago with no intention to FIRST learn MA2 and then MA3.
    It was fun for a while, now I've lost the spirit and just waiting for the next update to come and disappoint me.
    Maybe 1.7 is a turning point.

    Dear Clintos
    I feel you are working hard to not understand me now..

    The line above the one you quoted says: "E.g. Store dialog."
    I thought that meant "Here is an example using the Store Dialog"

    I'm talking about this:

    Exactly where in that dialog is not important but why not in the grey area - after the word "Store".

    If I use STORE PLEASE or any other syntax with no dialog I would not expect to see anything.
    There will be no Store Dialog, and my example is not addressing that.

    BTW. What does STORE PLEASE do when no Sequence is selected? Or when two sequences are selected?


    As long as there is a 'Sequence 1' there is always one selected sequence.

    When I deselect the last of my selected sequences the Default Sequence (#1) is automatically selected. Just didn't notice at first.

    Maybe that's the purpose of it?

    What do you mean?

    I know I store to selected sequence (if not specified), but I want the dialog to tell me what sequence that is to avoid error.

    I'm quite sure MA2 did that, and for me it's a extremely obvious thing to do.

    It's particularly important because we can select multiple sequences and only one of them gets the data..

    AND it's super easy to do multiple selection inadvertently - and no way to tell unless you happen to see the previously selected.

    So what I mean is: When they implement a store dialog (or anything else), why not start at the standard we had, or better?
    I highly doubt that someone would request an option to NOT see the sequence number and name.

    there is also a different definition of ‘right’ from every user.

    My point exactly!
    That's why they should go straight to options as default, instead of spending time discussing how something should work.

    Developers will hate me but I love me some options so I say a ‘reset speed/rate on off’ option would be awesome

    Developers should have learned by now that they should not assume anything when it comes to our preferences..
    Just make everything optional from the start and save time and trouble.

    Speaking of developers, I kinda understand that they could not have every MA2 feature ready from v1.
    But the ones they put in, why not just make it right the first time? (Right meaning as good as before)

    E.g. Store dialog.
    Do we REALLY have to do a feature request to see what Sequence we are about to store in??
    Maybe that was planned for v2.3 from the start? I don't understand how they think....