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    I start answering with Source you have to build them from scratch on. Point is, it all refere to the geometiries which was different in MA2.

    We do have to start from scratch, but the Source=MA2 fixtures are converted and shows all the content of a GDTF..
    Could this be a license issue and not a technical issue?

    Would be nice to get a working MVR file without creating 50 fixture types from scratch.. (Working = without dummy fixtures)

    I've tried to find a way to control Programmer Time in a plugin I'm working on.
    I manage to read and write the actual time: ShowData().Masters.Grand.ProgramTime.NormedValue = xx
    This will also activate it.

    I can not figure out how to read and write the active/inactive status..
    Found the command line solution to toggle it but that doesn't really help me here.
    Any ideas?

    There's always a chance I have misunderstood what's the Universal Preset type is meant for.

    I thought it was a preset where you could store ONE physical value (pr attribute/step).

    When applied this value is translated to represent that physical value on whatever fixture you have.

    (I see how storing globals in the Preset is a way of doing this.)

    This is also how it works until you edit and update it.

    If I use the Universal Fixture to adjust the Preset and then Update, the Universal Fixture gets the new value but every other Fixture Type is now stored in the Preset with the OLD VALUE.

    If I use one of the regular Fixture Types to adjust the Preset and then update, ONLY this Fixture type is changed.

    What I have now is a Multi-Global Preset identifying as a Universal Preset.

    What I would expect for this to be useful:

    After editing with the Universal Fixture type all the (preferably hidden) Global values are updated

    After editing with a regular Fixture this value is translated to the Universal Fixture and THEN all the Global values are updated.

    (Multiple different values could be handled in some clever way - not important)

    Please do join the discussion and enlighten me.

    PS. I have work-around!
    Store / overwrite (And lock the Preset to avoid unintentional updates)

    I too have a hard time understanding the logic if there is any - except I keep getting G + S presets when I don't want them.

    I can not see the 'Global value by average' is working (below).
    I wish there was a Force Global - setting too inside the Preset that did not allow ANY S-values

    I find that Universal Preset is more messed up.
    After updating it always ends up as a Multi-Global Preset but it still calls itself "U"

    Thought I had a work-around, but not even in a World with only the Universal Fixture will this work as expected.

    - - -

    The global value is determined by the average across all values of attributes within the same activation group:
    (Value of fixture 1 + Value of fixture 2 + Value of fixture 3 + ... value of fixture n) / Number of used fixtures = Average value
    The value that is closest to the calculated average value will be the global value. The fixture with this value will then hold the global value. In the case of color, all color attributes are handled together when choosing the global value.

    Multiple people might have asked for this, but now multiple people finds it maybe worth a second thought?

    As mentioned by Heart Lighting, working on a tracking sequence this is most likely not what I want.

    I have the same problem with phasers getting active - but can see that useful in other situations.

    An option to turn off this auto-grabbing so WE can decide what to store in next cue would be great!
    (Encoder Link Values "Not at all" ?)