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    Without details about your setup, we won't be able to help you.

    If you are having a system with an AMD GPU; you will have to downgrade the driver for the GPU.

    Thank you for your reminders, I do not how to insert picture <X,so, I will check and text the setup,by the way,my showfile had patched some ma2 and ma 3 fixture types.

    In shared/resource/ you will find all the library files that MA Lighting ships with the software.

    The designated place for your custom library files is gma3_library/. This folder is independent of the different versions.

    become enlightened at once,thanks a lot.

    hello,I have a question that when i export marco from onpc to my USB, it will Save the the macro in "grandMA3/gma3_library/datapools/macros" .But,What I saw on YouTube was “grandMA3/shared/resource/lib_macros" ! What is the difference between the two.

    Forgive me for my poor English ;( ;(

    I have sequ that include a PAN,TILT phaser, and i set the sequ SETTING>SPEED to "speed 1". Another, i assign an exec to SPEED MASTER>speed 1.

    However,the latter can not control the former. Did i miss something ?

    Thanks so much for Gubi !

    thanks for answer in such detail,it lets me learn so more about internal structure of MA3.

    just like a new world for me !:thumbup:

    And then , i do it !

    thanks for your help~~:thumbup:

    hey Daniel,

    thank you for your answer and let me know where are the macros - -!

    but now,there is a new question:

    how can i import all macros at one time just like MA2~~

    and thanks again for answer so "stupid?" question.

    hey~~~how can i import macros? i use the commandline : username@showdata/pools/global/macros>import library "*.xml" . but,what are the "user name" ,"showdata" and "*" mean ?

    i try many times but not work ~~~~~<X<X<X<X

    and thanks for see it ^^