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    Hello. it's been a few days on grandMA3 compact xT in at startup on mode2 the console and very long to boot. about 2 minutes against a few seconds before. in mode 3 no worries… it’s super fast. anyone have a similar experience? Thank you !


    Hello everyone,

    When I go to a simple fixture selection by the 3D viewer or by the groups, the fixtures do strange things on the viewer. When 3x clear, same things ...

    Is this a known bug in

    On Console, OnPc Window, or OnPc Mac I have the same problem ....

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    It happens to you (Rarely) that the bios screen associated with the beep (and full fan) appears after 10 seconds after pressing the start button

    In 99% of the times, my bios screen arrives directly after pressing the start ... but in 1% of the times, it happens that the bios take time to appear

    A bug, or normal initialization sequence?


    Grandma3 compact Xt


    Sometimes when switching from mode 2 to mode 3 (via the 'restart' command),and even during a normal start, the entire control surface (fader executor command section) does not initiate when restarted, the buttons, Highlight solo freeze prw blind including their initiation cycle but this remains blocked in this state.

    It is therefore necessary to redo a "restart" so that everything returns to normal.

    On grandMA3 compact Xt in

    bug present only in mode 3 so far

    A software bug?

    thank you,



    On my compact xt and onPc,

    the "setting" button on the timecode sheet does not work in the latest version. (But works with

    It is therefore impossible to link a timecode slot to a timecode.

    So you have to retype the command "ReloadUI"


    Good morning all,

    Be careful with the "system test" plugins in the importable plugins by default.

    Yesterday playing with the plugins I imported the MA plugins "System test" and by clicking on it, the console makes a series of tests ...

    But at the end of the test on my compact Xt, the screen on the left displayed the logo 'grandMA3 "and impossible to find the screen !!

    In mode2, no worries but in mode 3 big display problem in screen 2.

    I had to perform a Factory RESET + Clean instal to find my console in functional mode3.

    Watch out for this plugins ...