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    It does seem to be based on the time since if you edit that macro so the first 5 steps happen in 0 seconds and the next 5 is 0.5 seconds then that changes the pattern.

    When an LD is calling out fixtures or groups it makes it look random.

    But yeah toggling Sync fixes it.

    I have a quick question as to why something happens:

    Fixture 1 at Full

    Fixture 2 at Full

    Fixture 3 at Full

    Next Step

    Fixture 1 thru 3 at 0

    This causes the phaser to look like it's running out of phase when there is no data to support this so obviously it works fine in a cue.

    It seems to start the fixture running based on when, in time, when it was entered in the programmer since a macro like this looks like a 0 thru 360 align.

    Is there a real useful reason for this? It feels like the sync should reset when you add a second step, but then what do you do on step 3, start over again? Am I just missing something?

    Just open the plugin directly and then use the ReloadPlugin after you make a change.

    I wrote something some time ago and I still use for the most part.

    Hey, it's been a while...

    Odd behaviour, it's probably because of a bug in my brain but not sure if also a bug in the software.

    If you have Cues 0.1 thru 0.3 and want to copy them to 0.4 and type Move Cue .1 thru .3 at .4 The command line only reads, Copy Cue 0.1 and obviously doesn't do anything.

    However if you type Move Cue 0.1 thru 0.3 at 0.4 it works as expected.

    The odd thing was that the command line said Cue 0.1, making me think it was smarter then me and assumed the missing digit to the left of the decimal was a 0.

    Anyway, not a real bug, just interesting.

    Super minor but in case someone runs into the same issue:

    If you create a new show, and build either a programmer or cue recipe on the initially created Default Sequence 1, the first recipe you build will fail to work.

    For example:

    • On a new show
      • Patch some fixtures
      • Build a Group
      • Build a Dimmer Preset
    • With the default sequence selected Build a Programmer Recipe with the above parts and store it in to seq 1 adding in some fade and delay times so you can see the markers.
    • The sequence will not run the recipe
    • Don't clear the programmer and store into another sequence, that recipe will also not work.
    • Clear the programmer and build another recipe the same way as the above and overwrite it onto cue 1, create a new cue or store into another sequence and it does work.
    • If you delete the Default Sequence or store into another sequence the first Recipe works as expected and all others, including on the default sequence seem to work.

    I just double checked and this seems to have been introduced in Really minor, only happens the first time. but probably worth deleting the initial Default Sequence and re making it incase there are other side effects.

    I attached an example if it not working.

    Have you tried a Clean Start?

    From the Start Menu Type "Clean Start" and select the correct version if you have multiple installed.

    Not so much encrypted but obfuscated.

    You can use the lua load() function to load some binary data and you can obfuscate the readable code so it's hard to interpret, but if the console can read it so can a sufficiently determined user.

    There are some paid MA3 plugins that use this method, some of them even have a free version that you can take a look at.

    Ahh Mac Entritements.

    Not sure this will fix the issue but try Making sure System Events and Terminal are both Enabled in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Automation.

    I don't recall but you may need to restart or re-login in order for these changes to take place, I don't know for sure.

    Also if you check the items on the left to make sure anywhere else that the is listed is checked where it makes sense (like Files and Folders, Microphone, etc...)

    Else you probably need to contact MA or a local distributor.

    Your right, and this is probably because I was being fast and loose with Command Line Vs Macro Line, since it seems to parse them differently.

    There is definitely something wrong with the parsing engine, On the commandline I can sometimes have it switch Out and OutputLayer within quotes. while in the Macro you are right it always seems to change it. So I'm glad you found a workaround.

    I've had similar issues with commands that it gets confused with and without spaces. so I way probably reaching for that explanation.

    Command wing XT has a PC in it, while the normal Command wing does not, you need your own PC.

    From the XT Product Page:


    An onPC wing with real console feeling - you think that is impossible? Take a look at the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT! Experience the grandMA3 onPC console solution with the pre-installed onPC software on the built-in MA motherboard. Just connect a touch screen monitor and you can control 4 096 parameters right on the spot!

    and from the Command Wing Page:


    You have a computer or laptop with the grandMA3 onPC software installed? Then simply connect your onPC wing via USB and you are ready for programming. The command area looks the same as on the grandMA3 consoles including the five dual-encoders and 40 separate playbacks to directly control 4 096 parameters.

    hoss but when you store /remove it, the absolute value gets removed as well,

    Right you are. That seems badly bugged. If all that is in the programmer is the fade time I would not have expected it to also clear values that did not have a background color.

    I've seen something similar where it looks like i.fade times get knocked into presets in the programmer when in fact they aren't. when you store you get when you expect but in the programmer it looks wrong.

    why the hell should manually saved data take precedence?

    I'm just guessing as to the cause. Something has to take precedence though, they both can't be at the same precedence level or else the result would be "random".

    Either way for the moment, if you place the recipe in its own part might that solve the issue?

    I'm not sure if this is documented anywhere, if not it should be. but this sounds like an order of operations thing. Stored values take precedence over recipe values (this is me guessing not a fact).

    If that is the case then it makes sense that cook /merge does nothing, it merges the cooked values but the stored values take precedence. It also explains why cook /remove does what it does,

    No idea if this will work but have you tried using cue parts or enabling Allow Duplicates?

    You can do this with Individual time:

    Set your out position, tap on the delay layer and tap on the parameter (pan or tilt) and enter 0 thru 10 in the calculator.

    That will take your selection order and spread the delay values between 0 and 10.

    Another, probably easier way is to use a recipe. if you create groups, presets and matricks you can basically paint by numbers.