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    One option is Fixture x At 100 Fade 0.

    The Fade Keyword is unfortunately hidden under MA Time Time so maybe a Macro?

    You could Macro it with Selection at (Value?) Fade 0; Off Fade

    Also a thing i miss from cobalt is that when i press store i get to label my cue directly. I've been trying to create a macro for this, i've gotten close but that macro also needs you to type in which cue you want to store. I want to skip that step and store the closest free cue and label it directly.

    If you don't want to be asked the cue number and store the next cue for the selected sequence you can do this

    Store Cue "" ("Cue Name?") /NC

    On the other hand does anyone knows were can I find the Off time form my Executor ?? In GrandMA 2 I used to press Edit then the Executors Button and finaly press Escape and the off time appeared on screen 2 bottom left corner. Now in Grandma3 I can not find it.

    Sorry, I can't help with that first part for the Off Time it's in the "OffCue" at the end of the list that you can add a fade time to.

    i am just wondering if you guyz think that there is going to

    be a updated stable version until then.

    Here's the thing with newly released software. There will always be bugs. The questions is do those bugs affect you and your workflow?

    The big issue here is it will almost always be a different experience for every user. If all you are doing is patching some dimmers and busking a 120k par show I'm sure it'll be fine. However the more "slick" your show file the more likely you might run into something that no one else has or has not been listed as a known issue.

    The best way to find out is to try, not in a live or production environment but on your down time. Take a previous show save is as (showname)-1.7 and test it out. Do what you normally do and see if something either doesn't work or doesn't work as you expected it to.

    Another good thing to do is read all of the release notes, I know they are long but knowing what has been added is important to success, there may be a workflow you used to use that has been replaced or reworked that you should understand.

    In the end 1.7 seems good to me, but I won't suggest any of my running shows to update until either they run into an issue that is fixed in 1.7 or probably the first bug fix release. For new shows I'll start on 1.7 and hope for the best.

    I forgot I was going to check this.

    After updating to MacOS 12.14 WiFi still does not work. I confirmed that IGMP snooping was enabled on my wifi network and that switching back to 1.6.3 allows it to see the console wherein 1.7 does not.

    I'm using a MacPro 14,3 (2017 shitty Touchbar).

    Could it be this?


    The structure of the user library folder regarding fixture types and fixture type resources changed. Fixture types are now located in gma3_library/fixturetypes. It is no longer distinguished between grandMA3 fixture types and GDTF fixture types.

    The additional new folder "fixturetyperesources" with its two subfolders called "gobos" and "meshes" is now the location for gobos and meshes. Copy your custom gobos and meshes into these subfolders to be able to import them to your show. Exported gobos and meshes are also located there.

    unfortunately, this cannot work, as Collect is targeting the object index. When group 2 and 4 are empty, there is no index it can collect.

    Internally your collection is then only Group 1, 3, and 5. Without any gaps.

    Just wondering why not just do Copy Group 1 Thru 4 At 10 since it keeps the spaces. Mostly just trying to understand the usecase.

    I'm trying to understand how I would use Collections, I can tell it will be helpful, particularly when cleaning up just looking for ideas.

    So let's say I have the following collection:

    Collect Group 1 Thru 5

    Groups 2 and 4 are empty

    I can Store /Remove to the collection

    Store Collection /Remove  8)

    But if I Move or Copy it ignores the empty spaces

    Copy Collection at Group 10 :thumbdown:

    Outside of it holding on to your selection, which is cool, I'm trying to figure out how else to use it.

    Also the release notes say you have to type Collection on the command line to clear them but Select Select PleaseSeems to work.

    I tend to do Views in Views, and this is where I end up getting lost. Once everything is setup it's fairly obvious, but I've saved over a View that I didn't intend to more than once (long presses oops 🤞).

    MA2 when you tapped on a viewbutton it would highlight that viewbutton (so you know that was the last-tapped viewbutton). I miss that as well.

    Yes that would be nice as well, Even if it highlights then has some other state once you change the view so you both knew were you were and that it had changed; how many times did I ask myself, did I change this view, regardless what the answer was I ALWAYS choose wrong.

    I had the thought of making all the the views buttons macros that would both switch views and assign an appearance, but as a macro it was way to cumbersome as I had no idea when something changed behind my back so kind of useless.

    I understand what you are saying.

    You miss these right?

    Me too.

    I get that the view buttons are recall buttons and you are looking at what you are looking at, but I have run into that as well; I make some changes, then realize I don't remember what it should be recorded into or what screens it should include. so I end up clearing all screens and recalling the view that I think I should store then remake my changes again and store right away (NO don't look at that shiny thing over there).

    I end up doing it twice when my mind is in more than one place.

    Not sure how they can fix it other than implementing indicators that sit on top of the appearance when you have a view that stores more than one screen.


    colored green or red

    to indicate if the interface has a connection established or not

    connection established to what I wonder?

    in this setup both EN0 (WiFi) and EN5 (Ethernet) can ping the console if I connect one at a time.

    The VLAN is on a completely different subnet for a network that I'm not currently connected to. so why does it have a green icon?


    Furthermore, when such an interface is set to use DHCP, the UI will display No cable everywhere this interface is selected.

    In this current setup all but the Tunnel are DHCP, yet the Ethernet shows green and does not say no cable.

    No issues with wifi on mac and 1.7 here.

    What OS are you on? I'm currently on the latest 12.2.1 and about to update to 12.4.x to see if that does anything different.

    Same issue there.

    Finds all my interfaced but things some don't work?

    lo0 - localhost ok :thumbup:

    en0 WiFi :?:

    en5 - Ethernet :thumbup:

    utun3 - VPN :?:

    vlan0 - Vlan :thumbup:

    In 1.6 both the WiFi and VPN worked.

    Also tried with just the WiFi interface enabled and no luck.

    Love this new feature but a few things I don't understand if they are a feature or a bug.

    1) If you enable Prog XFade and make changes in the programmer then immediately disable Prog XFade or you don't complete the 0%>100% (or vis-versa) transition your changes look like they are in limbo as the Active Program XFade buttons stops blinking even though it looks like something is in there. You can clear this state by either completing the XFade transition or touching the attribute. It would be nice (feature request) if the Active Program XFade kept blinking to let you know that something is still in there, and if it gets stomped out by some other action it should turn back off.

    2) With Dimmer and I think position values (edit nope) it looks like the transition is linear. but with Color values, it seems to do some strange calculations (maybe based apparent on power?):

    For example:

    If I have a dimmer at 0, turn on the Program Xfade take the dimmer to full and move the fader to 10% then the dimmer is at 10%. 20%, 30%, 90% all good. :thumbup:

    If I have a Fixture in color black (0,0,0), enable Program XFade then change the color to red (100,0,0) then move the fader to 10% the resulting Red value is something like 27% and not 10% as expected. Is it trying to do some fance CIE adjustment, and if so is it backward?

    Well it seems to work in 1.7. I couldn't wait and updated on onPC, read the first line in the release notes then exited the notes and loaded the fixed up test show. and lo and behold it works, I re-did the preset to include time only time (no rel) and kept the super sequence and it seems to work like you would like.

    They were watching the while time laughing at us I'm sure.

    Hmm, nevermind, kind of works, or maybe doesn't. not sure it's too nice today to figure it out though.

    Happy Sunday, the day has arrived!

    Where might the release notes be, on my phone it takes me to a time page for 1.6 PDF.

    My guess it the manual page hasn't been updated yet, but might there be another link somewhere?