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    I think you can in the step creator. Not sure how yet... but when you create a steprecipe preset with the step creator, you can type "cd steprecipe" en then "list" you can see all the stuff added to the steprecipes. Don't know if this works yet in MA3, but this could all be edited with commandline. This was my last thing I tried yesterday before I went home.

    If it should work like in MA2, it doesn't work. I added beam, color, dimmer and focus values to my bump preset, 21.101. The presets are made with all my venue fixtures. When I copy presets already in 21.101, this isn't updated in my cue's.

    But I'll try the recast function. See how that works.

    When I make a preset in 21.101 with various other presets merged into 21.101 trough commandline "copy preset 5.1 at 21.101/m" and "copy preset 6.11 at 21.101/m" my cue made with preset 21.101 is not updated like in MA2. Am I missing something? It updates the preset, but not the cue.

    One thing I miss... the exec window. Like buttons, a lot of them, direct call on the big screens. I tried everything with the playback window...

    My MA2 file has 5 exec windows, all with their own purpose. One for stage, one for room, one for dance, one for colors, and one for another stage. I work in a live venue with 3 rooms, all in one file.

    I'm building this in layout views now with sequences. I used to do that with one sequence in all my exec windows and add different worlds to the different pages. This now works with sequences, but now I need a lot more sequences because I miss a lot of playbacks.

    Is this a future thingy?

    In my MA2 file, I have a bunch of macro's manipulating pan and tilt effects. In this way, a lot of happy accidents happen... and I have just one pan/tilt effect running. Stomping the pan or tilt, groups, blocks, phrase, low and high value, all done with macros. Going trough the desk in the cmd section with change directory, in MA2 you can see what you can control with macros. But the effects are gone... is this a thing for the future?

    Adding fixtures to my movement fx is ace is mode 2. You can create a empty effect and add fixtures, change selection, bounce, goback....

    Is there a way to make this work in mode 2 way?