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    Is there a method to get the fixtures that belong to a group without using selection and therefore the MA command line? The idea is to keep it all within LUA in the background.

    I made this cheat for myself for popupinput for myself a while ago:

    -- Popup Box to select from a list of items
    local modes = {"Off", "Auto", "Slow", "10% Steps", "Large Jumps", "Small Jumps", "Tiny Jumps", "Random"}; -- The Items
    local ret = PopupInput("Select fader test mode", display_handle, modes); -- The popup box sets the variable 'ret'
    local r = PopupInput(title, display_handle, modes,"Random",900,500) -- Defaults to Random and places box at X:900,Y:500

    What version did you have this working in? I get errors about the first parameter when trying to run in 1.5 - seems odd since it is just a string.

    Does anyone have a working example of the PopupInput?

    I am also wondering if anyone has an example on how to lay out a UI with rows and columns? For example, multiple rows that each contain text and a checkbox (or other defined elements). I see that this is doable (based on the MA3 Tools plugins) but haven't been able to get to the bottom of it.