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    There’s nothing in that location

    Several questions:

    • Does your Mac meet the minimum specs as outlined here?
    • What software version are you using?
    • If you open a 3D window from scratch rather than using the predefined view, does it crash?
    • If you load the Demo Show and call the 3D view, does it crash?
      • Menu -> Backup -> tap the title bar button that says {Shows} twice so it says {Demo Shows}, then choose the "Demoshow_onPC_and_Compact" show
    • Yes, my mac meets the minimum requirements, it’s a MacBook Pro 16”
    • I’m using sw v1.1.4.2, i wanted to try with previous versions but i couldn’t downloaded them. When i had v1.0.0.3 it worked fine
    • When i create a 3D window from scratch it crashes
    • I tried loading the demo show and it does the same thing

    Btw, not only it crashes, but also the mac freezes for 5/10 seconds

    I clicked on the “grandMA3 Terminal” and on the terminal that opens it shows this:

    TerminalApplication has created components
    TerminalApplication is starting components
    TerminalApplication has started components
    Could not open file /Users/micheleturrina/MALightingTechnology/gma3_1.1.4/terminal/config/Console.dat for reading
    Could not open file /Users/micheleturrina/MALightingTechnology/gma3_1.1.4/shared/key_registry.dat for reading
    Terminal started. type 'exit' to quit


    When i open MA3 onPC for macOS it works normally, i can even patch lights and use them, but when i click the already existing view for the 3D window, the program crashes

    Is it a known bug? Is there a way to solve it?

    Thanks, Michele