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    Is there a way yet to default a fixture like on ma2 “ma+dot.” Would put everything back to default on the selected fixtures where in ma3 it seems to only do it to the dimmer

    is there also a way to store default position and values like in ma2 you just create a preset then can assign a fixture to that preset and select default ? (Haven’t actually tried this one yet so apologies if it’s actually exactly the same)

    Thanks Ryan

    all it would need would be when a group is selected for the grid position to go 1 past the end of the grid (same as it does if you type fixture numbers) . This is probably the biggest thing from keeping me from using it on some upcoming musicals

    to get around it is there a way to store a macro command of a starting grid position (think maybe using macros to call up groups with then a command that moves the grid starting position)


    is there a way with the selection grid to have it so you can select multiple groups without them stacking on top of each other in the grid WITHOUT having to move the grid position each time and having to give each group a custom grid position ,

    hey so has anyone else found when selecting fixtures via groups the selection grid position doesn't move to one point past the last fixture selected each time ? seems to be an easy way to create some cool effects but also really painful , is there a way to turn this on and off ?

    is there a way like in ma2 where having a fader go from 0 to 100% without triggering the next cue in the list with auto start on

    all other cue setting are "normal" and fader is a master