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    I hear that! Then you have the ability to treat phasers like template ‘Forms’ and just drop in attributes in the way we all know.

    Adjusting, for example, an “MA2 style Cos form, width 25%” once built can get rather tricky juggling transition and widths. If you want it nice and symmetrical.

    We can only hope!

    You're one of many requesting this feature - make sure you log the request it with your distributor to up-vote the priority!
    I've been advised that the next major release will have some big phaser-related changes - so keep your fingers crossed!

    This works for linear attributes: Clone Fixture Thru Attribute Iris At Fixture Thru Attribute "zoom" If Programmer

    However becomes a right pain if you have multiple 'ChannelFunctions' in the fixture profile.

    See my unresolved thread here: RE: Swap Attribute In Phaser

    And Andreas' discovery here: RE: Syntax attributes with channels?

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a bit of trouble getting the following to work. I am expecting the Echos to read out the DelayFrom(andTo)X of the recipe contained in Cue 2 Part 0 of the given Exec, so i can subsequently use a command to add a time offset of +0.3.

    It should Echo: FromX: 0.5 and To X: 0.2
    Instead it Echos: FromX: 0 and To X: 0

    This thread seems to veer somewhere the answer but I can't quite put my finger on it. Also would be good to learn how to achieve this using the 'Page x.x Cue x Part x.x' description rather than by Sequence No. Retrieving the Selection used in a Sequence Recipe

    Can anyone shed some light (8o) on this for me please? I'm leaving it for today as I've got that slightly unhealthy look of someone who's stared at a screen all day tearing their hair out.

    Many thanks

    return function()
        local flashPath = ObjectList("Page 999.201 Cue 2 Part 0.1")[1]
        local FromX = flashPath.DELAYFROMX
        Echo("From X:  " .. FromX)
        local ToX = flashPath.DELAYTOX
        Echo("To X:  " .. ToX)
        -- Cmd("Set Page 999.201 Cue 2 Part *.* Property \"DelayFromX\" "..FromX+0.3.." \"DelayToX\" "..ToX+0.3)

    What are you trying to achieve with this extract? Remember that you can always "Unblock Cue Thru" to get rid of redundant values in your programming.

    Thanks for that tip, I use my Unblock Seq macro regularly, it’s really handy.

    Honestly, I don’t really know how to be any more explicit in a concise description I’m afraid - I thought it was super clear.

    Here’s another attempt: I guess I want the same result as ‘At Cue Thru Cue’, which brings the current cue in the selected exec plus tracked values into the programmer, but including any sneaky little values from other execs.

    Here’s another: Store Look, but without bloating my tracking sheet with a ton of default values I don’t need, even after an Unblock, which will only knockout hard values contained in that sequence.

    Here’s another: I want to ‘mix’ a look using cues from different execs and store it to a main Seq. I don’t want to add every attribute of every fixture outputting above 0%. I’m a bit OCD about minimalizing data in a sequence you see. I want to store only attributes that have been changed from their defaults, presets included, to create the look, for all fixtures outputting above 0%

    Hey, here's a fun one for y'all to chew on.

    I want to make quick checkerboard Odd, Even, & All selection macros, as shown in my screengrab.

    The macros should act correctly regardless of whether the X-count is odd or even.

    Any help appreciated. My current macros are boring and just Linearize Numerically before doing a simple XGroup 2 next/prev toggle.

    Big love <3

    P.S. I added the gaps in the grid so you could see which ones were selected and which weren't. Though I'm sure you knew what I was trying to describe anyway

    Good afternoon campers.

    I've still been really struggling with this issue. Distributor is aware. Nobody seems to have a quick workaround. There are some very long, boring, and often unsuccessful workarounds involving cloning between attributes within the programmer. One example being: Clone Fixture X Attribute "Tilt" At Fixture X Attribute "Zoom" If Programmer - that kind of vibe.

    I'm going to go in for a chat because my head just clearly isn't in cohesion with the MA3 mindset and it's driving me up the wall.

    What should, in this programmer's mindset, be incredibly simple seems to have been rather overlooked. However I can change the border colours of popup windows to green - and as we know, aesthetics take priority.

    I shall update this thread once a suitable solution or shift in approach proves promising. Until then: ||

    Hey squad.

    Super easy one for y'all tonight - it's got to be the easiest thing in the world to do and I'm just being slow.

    I've made some schmexy looking 2-Step Phasers: basically variations on the standard flyout but with the Dimmer doing snaps, ramps, ye olde PWM w/Att+Decay etc..

    I want to swap the "Tilt" with Iris, or Zoom, Shutter, Gobo-Rotation etc. Or come to think of it maybe even combine some of those :/Inheriting the same A/D/T/W (i.e. 'Form' settings)

    In 'Old Faithful' I just change the attribute and the effect looks bangin'. It's a different system, I hear that, I'm just looking to adapt.

    I have a sneaky suspicion the solution will also allow me to shift this thread to a less prominently accessed part of my mind: RE: Syntax attributes with channels?

    Peace <3


    Thanks for the response. But unfortunately that does not work.

    Only the first channel Shutter will be changed..

    ^ This is still glitchy, unless anyone's found a solution? Also using Relative values in Phasers with these seems to make it freak out and set to -3000 or something.

    Tried setting an Iris to a "pulse" value using the CmdLine, which when using encoders reads as 3:5 (readout set to natural). Attempted various iterations of 'Attribute "Iris" at xxx' before conceding.

    FeatureGroup: Beam
    Attribute: Iris

    Iris (1) 0-100
    IrisStrobe (2) 0-5
    IrisPulseOpen (3) 0-5
    IrisPulseClose (4) 0-5

    This section works now

    Rather than Off'ing the relative layer, try setting the relative value to "Remove"

    Early tests look positive! Thanks Andreas.

    Strange you can’t make Form presets containing the Acc/Dec/Trans/Width to just apply over effects in this workflow without them changing the Abs/Rel layers:

    Group 1
    At Preset 4.1
    [Hold Step button]
    Tap Preset 4.2
    Tap form preset containing “Ramp Down” values

    Hey peeps,

    So I'm being ambitious and working on a plugin.

    Spent most of the day on this function. I want it to make a table containing dimension and fixture location info about the current selection grid.

    on-pc isn't meeting me in the middle whatsoever even though I suspect it knows what I'm trying to achieve and is just being spiteful - bringing up error's it knows will add to my frustration and sense of uselessness as a person. You always hurt the ones you love, I guess. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

    If anyone could take a look-see and see where I'm going wrong I'd be eternally grateful. I'm trying to learn to debug my own stuff my constantly Echo'ing stuff, but nested tables don't like me.

    MA is harking on about attempting to concatenate a nil value in field 'y', but she's clearly not pulling her weight.

    Big love x

    Picking this one up again as I'm looking into solutions.

    It is entirely possible, just not natively as far as I'm aware - In the same way the MA2 plugin by vldurnov ( did exactly this (and more).

    During Eurovision 2023 the TetraX upstage wall had definite circles running over it, not just XY chevrons easily built in MA3. I know at least one of the programmers on the team develops plugins (not for sale), so that may well have played a part, and the MA3 API would allow for even more scope to an accomplished developer.

    Bitmaps are an alternative, but allow for nowhere near as much flexibility or that certain 'crispness' one sees using an FX engine.

    Sooner or later someone will release a plugin. Probably someone reading this post

    Hi All,

    I made a load of Universal flyout effects (different widths/transitions/accelerations etc) where the dimmer is Abs 0-100 and the Pan/Tilt are Rel -30 to 30.

    These work well for busking but not so good if I want to program using specific To/From Position Presets.

    My MA2 workflow would be to copy the Effect, swap to Absolute, and select my Hi/Low presets.

    When I try to do an equivalent with MA3 this process starts getting complicated quickly, as the Acc/Decel/Transition/Width values are linked to the original (Relative) layer. When I intergrate my Absolute Presets into the steps and then 'Off' the relative layers (minimising the amount of data stored is a bit of an OCD), my Acc/Decel/Transition/Width disappear also.

    I've tried making Presets containing ONLY Acc/Decel/Transition/Width to effectively work to apply 'Form' equivalents but this hasn't been successful either.

    Do any of you have a decent workflow you'd mind sharing? I need a different perspective as I'm too far down the rabbit hole to think laterally.

    My only other solution would be to make a whole new set of Absolute Presets - but this seems like overkill...

    Thaaaaaanks <3

    I think in this case the command line needs to execute this command:
    Set Macro 254.2 Property "Command" "SetUserVariable 'colorscroll' '90,90' "

    This is correct - thanks. Using your single quotes syntax I've got it to work.

    return function()
    	local coords = 90
    		Cmd("set macro " ..i.. ".2 property \"command\" \"SetUserVariable colorscroll \'" ..coords.. "," ..coords.. "\'")