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    I think MA left the path for small shows/theatres/houses of worship already a long time ago.

    In grandMA1 times, we had the Pico and Micro consoles. grandMA2 had no such thing, but that area was somehow covered by the dot2 series, which was abandoned unfortunately.

    The current cheapest hardware (!) solution is the playback/command wings, which is already the price of other fully integrated consoles like the Chamsys MQ series.

    But to be fair, when purchasing the cheapest onPC 2port node, you already get a very capable software environment with DMX output. And as the software is very open to all sorts of remote control protocols, you can build yourself a DIY control surface from a variety of MIDI controllers.

    Good morning!

    I am planning to create an onPC setup with 2 touch screens, using screen 1 and 2. It will have only 10 playbacks instead of the 15, so I need to adjust the playback section on the bottom of screen 2, which comes with 15 playbacks as standard (and the master section on the bottom right)

    Is there a way to change this to show only 10 playbacks?

    My workaround would be to remove the whole playback section via "Configure Display" and instead add the "Playbacks" and "Custom Master Section" windows and modify the former to only show 10 playbacks. But then I would have to add these windows to every view that I create on screen 2. Or is there some kind of "sticky" mode for windows?

    Preferably, I would just tell onPC to just show 10 playbacks in the default bottom section.


    For grandMA2 onPC, there exists the possiblity to "virtually" trigger all hardware keys (incl. programmer) and encoder wheels via ma.canbus.hardkey and ma.canbus.wheel

    Is this also possible in MA3? Or are there alternatives e.g. using OSC or MIDI to trigger these elements?

    Very nice project!

    One question regarding sending key commands via OSC:

    There's no mentioning in the MA3 manual what is actually controllable via Remote. Do you just enter the command key's title in order to have it remotely activated? like e.g. "Fixture" or "1", "2", "3", ..., "THRU"?

    I have a setup with MIDI controllers for triggering the MA2 onPC's hardware keys (command keys) as well as issuing remote commands.

    On MA3 onPC the remote inputs section only features a limited lists of command keys to be triggered. Is this to be extended in the future or not planned for MA3?

    Also, is Telnet still part of the system?