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    What is the best way to make a colour transition follow a specific path through the color space?

    To avoid some ugly colours between start and destination cue.

    Do I need several cues or cue parts (allow duplicates) to accomplish that?

    Yes, this works! But more often a lasso selection unfortunately does not work in one piece.

    Too bad the object "selection" doesn't work in so many cases (as it did in MA2).

    But thanks anyway for your helpful tip.


    I would like to patch a fixture selection in a non numerical order.

    I do a lasso selection in the layout that leads for example to this selection order: 1, 101, 201, 2, 102, 202, 3, 103, 203, etc

    Now I would like to patch all these Fixtures in one line starting from 1.1

    Patch Selection 1.1 does not work (as it does in MA2 with Assign)

    Set selection "patch" 1.1 does not work

    Is there a workaround?

    It’s not a workaround though. It’s the intended function of the software.

    I know how and when to use filters. My initial concern was only to mention that I find the different behavior of masks and filters inconsistent in this case.

    Or maybe I just don't understand the idea behind the coexistence of filters and masks in the fixture sheet ....

    In my case, the reason to use separate IDTypes Fixture and Channel is the possibility to filter them in and out in the Fixture Sheet or Channel Sheet.

    At a classic theater, there are still many conventional fixtures with only one dimmer channel. I would like to hide these (IDType Channel) in the Fixture Sheet so that it is less crowded. In the Channel Sheet, however, I want to see the dimmer Attribute of ALL fixtures.

    In order not to have to select the keyword "Channel" each time when selecting the conventional fixtures, I like to give the IDType "Channel" an identical FID.

    I hope this makes sense.

    The masks are working on the basis of logical OR statements. When one of the 2 arguments here (Fixture or Houselights) is true (An FID or CID is given), then the fixture will be displayed.

    My understanding is that these masks should filter based on the given IDType and not based on a given or not given FID or CID.