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    But I'd want MA to focus more energy into their core products (ie hardware consoles) than devote too many resources chasing every update needed to the OnPC platform..

    Looking at the grandMA3 stack, it looks like onPC is very similar to what's running on hardware consoles. The issue with Monterey looks like that one of the services needed to run the stack is not compatible with Monterey. Fix the service, and onPC looks good to go. Since this problem has existed since beta 1 of Monterey in June 2021, I'm kind of confused on priorities here. This fix should have been included in 1.6.1 if MacOS was anywhere on their radar.

    I mean, I know it's a niche of a niche, but still...

    I’m not wanting to start an argument or anything, this is a genuine intrigue question…

    Why are people so keen to adopt a new OS the second it is released, particularly for show software?

    Same reason why people install a new version of MA3: more features, bugfixes.

    You could argue that it's better to wait until MA officially supports Monterey, but you could also argue that the beta's have been available since June and most other software companies have ensured their software is compatible.

    It's not like you await until every app on your phone indicates their next version supports the new smartphone OS, before upgrading, no?

    Also, the problem of MA3 not launching on Monterey has been known since the early Monterey beta's...