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    This is a pretty standard error message after downloading programs not recognized by apple. In order to fix this and install the program, after you see this error, go to system preferences->security and privacy and you should the request to install at the bottom.

    Are you using the same computer? If yes, you need to use the loopback. This will need to be set on both MA3D (file->settings->network) as well as onPC (setup->MA network control).

    If you are using two different computers, these IP addresses need to be different. That is, if your onPC IP is at, your MA3D session CANNOT be at and, depending on the subnet mask (usually, will need to have the same three numbers and a different last number like

    Also, as this forum is meant for MA3, try posting MA2 questions on facebook groups or in the forum!

    when you open a new file, the views to the right that are in the place of the MA2 'viewbuttons,' are referenced from pool view items and are applied to all screens.

    to create your own views for different screens, just delete these views and create your own.

    hey all,

    general forum question here. is there a way to disable notifications for the dot2 forum, or the dot2 in german forum? I love having the notifications for unread threads in the forum, but would like to remove all but the grandma3 forum. any way to do this?

    I know you can change notification settings from profile but again, would like to specify by forum.

    hey all,

    since there is no way (yet) to change border colors of fixtures in layout views, i'm assigning appearances to them (the appearances being unfilled squares) to mimic a border.

    but, the image doesn't appear unless the fixture is given a dimmer value above 0.

    is there a way to get appearances assigned to fixtures in layout views by default, or by 0 value? seems really odd to put this linear curve on appearances assigned to objects in a layout view. i'm sure it could make some cool things down the road but not sure why the other option isn't available.


    Is there a list of default variables like in MA2


    $selectedexec (this is selectedseq now, right?)



    are these listed separately from globalvar / uservar ?

    This was helpful!

    I think changing the name on export might have been the issue. Also attempting to export the fixture from the patch in MA3 rather than fixture types.


    right. should have thought of that.

    i've already created a patch in my template file and rather than start from scratch with this export/import method, i'm trying now to import specific fixture types from my show.

    after opening the show in MA3, i've tried every method of exporting that i can find (user/gdtf, internal/usb/ma3) and when i try to import that fixture i get no results.

    is there a way to import patch from MA2 into an *existing* patch on MA3?

    I'm trying to import a custom fixture personality for a JDC-1 into my MA3 file and having issues. I've dumped the .xml files into my grandma3, shared, lib_fixture_types folder. I then go into my patch in ma3, and can see the fixture profiles when I select the correct drive and navigate to grandMA2. but all the profiles appear without name, and importing fails. or rather, it imports an empty fixture type in the patch (which I can see when I try to add a fixture from fixturetypes in the current show) but with no fixture along with it.

    any hints here?

    Of course.

    just difficult to figure out which things to identify as possible bugs, which to identify as change in workflow and which to identify as just not there *yet*. i'm sure as I continue it'll become easier to decipher which are my fault and which are not.

    looking forward to bugging you about a lot more things as I get further in, though :)

    hey all,

    I'm assuming images are basically just broken thus far? i've imported from command line and they seem to change almost every time I open anything that contains an image (layout view, image pool, appearance pool). the default ones for fixtures in layout views are constantly, like, twinkling, even gobo images change sometimes when i store. it's infuriating.

    i'm assuming this is just an issue that is expected to be fixed? searching this forum somehow didn't lead me anywhere but of course i'm not sure if i'm missing something as I'm just now hopping onto MA3 for the first time since I've got nothing else to do.

    as of now it's making me more frustrated than I thought possible with a new software. but also having huge moments of amazement at the levels of creativity and cleverness capable in MA3.

    also, is there a repository of syntax that has *changed*? the syntax options in the manual are great but it would be great to have a 'conversion sheet' of syntax that is different now in MA3.

    also hello everyone! can't wait to see all of your cleverness as we dive into this obvious beast of a software.