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    can somebody tell me why the Console after the 11th. Update can't remember the Last User You Shutdown with?

    FOR E.G.

    I have my own Profile in my User, I have my own ScreenConfig, I have my Own Data Pool.

    Save Show twice Internal and Stick.

    I shutdown the Console with my User.

    I Boot the Console and the Console starts as Admin.

    Is there some Setting -feature to set which User start after Boot?

    Please Tell me not

    that is not implementet afte the 11th Update..


    why it is not possible to create a Groupfixture with subfixtures?

    For Example: all Bases of X4-Bar or all first pixel.

    another question. If i Type „Fixture 401 thru 410“ then only the Base is selected if I type „Fixture 401.1 thru 401.10“ then illegal syntax.

    is somewhere a list of All Keywords with a description and the Button functions like the PDF-File for MA2 similar to the Macro "List all Keywords", but as PDF to print?

    I know the links. I also read them up and down. But it must be possible to connect a screen with HDMI, there are situations such as for presentation purposes or preprogramming, you need a large screen and they are usually equipped with HDMI.:/:S

    And to turn on a computer every time for Visualisation, even though the Console has two video ports should be redundant in my eyes.

    Ok cool, thank you well for the Infos.
    I didnt found anything about nativ dsp.
    I suspect this is not Standard and I guess you can buy MA-Screens soon with (2009) 1.2 native dsp. Input ;)

    1.2 is from 2009 now is 2.0 standard.

    Probably they assumes that all users who use the ports only for touch screens :thumbdown: X/

    Hello my dear fellow colleagues,

    Had a problem right there.

    I put my old TV (48 “Tft) behind the console as a 3D visualizer. It has full HD and, as usual, HDMI inputs.

    DSP-> HDMI cable fetched and off you go.

    I thought?

    There is no Signal and either a sign of sync in both modes 2 or 3.

    Now the UM says:

    "The grandMA3 series supports only native display port connectors on external screens"

    I googled everything, asked my Videorockets, but what does "native dpc" mean? ?

    Or are there roher causes, or rather a solution.

    Maybe I'm just too stupid but with all computers MAC & PC works.

    And Yes the Cables are no cheap ware.


    Hallo liebe Kollegen,

    Hätte direkt da mal ein Problem.

    Ich habe meine alte Klotze (48“ Tft) als 3D-Visualisierer hinter die Konsole gestellt. Der hat Full-HD und wie üblich HDMI Eingänge.

    DSP->HDMI Kabel geholt und los sollte der Ritt gehen.

    Dachte ich?

    Weder im 2er noch im 3er Mode gibt es ein Signal oder gar irgend ein anzeichen von Sync.

    Jetzt steht im UM:

    „The grandMA3 series supports only native display port connectors on external screens“

    Habe alles gegoogelt, Videoraketen gefragt aber was ist mit „native dpc“ gemeint??

    Oder gibt es da andere Ursachen oder besser gesagt eine Lösung.

    Vielleicht bin ich zu dumm aber mit allen Computern (MAC&PC) läufts.
    Ja und es sind keine Hama Kabel.


    Hi Mates,

    maybe I'm too stupid but how do I update the Console?:rolleyes:

    Every Update for the 2 you get a howto PDF for StickMAker/Network but for 3 they forget the Homeworks.

    Because I'm a little apprehensive.

    What ist with the Mode 2 get it lost and it is just put the Stick with the Folder "grandMA3_stick_v1" in root directory and boot the console.

    Anybody experience?

    Ohh and at Moment there is a granMA2 ver. released what is about that? With 3 Hardware?


    Cheers and thx